Downvote challenge - Add up to 3 funny badges to your board

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Find the rules. Find the badges. Hurry up before the payout window closes!

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This is fucking hilarious.

I saw the Justin Sun badge pop up on one of my posts and dam near spit my drink out onto the monitor in a fit of laughter. Absolutely brilliant work here @steemitboard / @arcange I approve of this 100%. Adds some humour to an otherwise dire and shitty situation. Keep up the good work.

A pinch of humor is probably what might save us from this crisis. Thank you @klye

Keep at it. Made me smile for sure.

I will. I hope you had fun with my last parody too 😉

Ned is definitly not your friend anymore. Did you really downvote him?


Fixed. Thanks for notifying @abitcoinskeptic
One should not create a badge/challenge at 3am 😅

Haha perfect time to make such badges actually. And, better than what Mr. Sun posted the other day...

I agree!

Thank you @abitcoinskeptic. BTW, we miss your witness vote 😢

Oh I'm sorry about witness vote. These days I proxy to avoid moral responsiblity.
It will be returned when things get back to normal unless you drastically change course.
Maybe I will manually set again if this continues for too long.

Way to add some lighthearted fun to the drama :D Thanks @arcange!

3 more badges, jippie + so much fun downvoting :-)

I'm looking for the posts to downvote!

any post from the 3 in the picture, is that enough hint?

He he, glad you like them @bubke. BTW, we miss your witness vote 😢

Now your vote will soon come back! :-)

Is there a solution in sight for your RC?

Very funny! Hahaha!

thanks a lot for your support !!!
A somebody was once a nobody who wanted to and did.
*John Burroughs*

(if you dont want these or consider it spam then please leave a reply to this comment instead of downvoting and i will follow up)
unless stated otherwise, you receive these because you voted on a @tyrnannoght post


Congratulations @tyrnannoght, you successfuly trended the post shared by @steemitboard!
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downvotes hearts :(
except downvotes to the one who joyfully enjoying malicious downvotes to the others with mocking

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Two down. One to go.

Who is the third, the middle one? Could you tag it?

No idea yet.

EDIT: I have an idea now.

Where are the rules actually?

It's up to you to guess...

Hey much fun! I need something to flag too!

Should we say "Go flag yourself"?
Nah, you're are the good guy 😉

This is perfect lol

funny, done!

Downwoted Ned and Justin. Who is the 3rd?

Idk the context but this looks pretty funny for sure, hopefully everything's alright in the community though and I'm not about to tread on some mines haha!


Gracias por la notificación steemitboard... ☺

Congratulations @steemitboard, your post successfully recieved 0.09000113 TRDO from below listed TRENDO callers:

@tyrnannoght earned : 0.06000075 TRDO curation

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It's too small for me to see on my mobile phone and there's no way to make the photo bigger with esteem. I skip this one. I don't think it's my kind of fun.


This post has been manually curated, resteemed
and gifted with some virtually delicious cake
from the @helpiecake curation team!

Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


Manually curated by @solominer.

@helpie is a Community Witness.


This is interesting, but we prefer to stay neutral at the moment, and support STEEM with peer-to-peer purchase of MYR to STEEM and encourage people to create the right content (best to) show case our product, and for us to reward them with STEEM.

Best regards
Cap Dua Gajah

The most common logical fallacy is the "rush to disqualify", which often takes the form of a direct or indirect ad hominem attack (name calling, insult).

Whatever happened to downvotes being reserved for actual crimes (spam, scams, and fraudulent posts)??

Since when was it considered "fun" to publicly shame people for playing by the rules of the game that you designed.

Thanks a lots! I voted for you! God bless you and peace be with you! :)

Hello @arcange. Was there some sort of issue last week? I published a post every day last week, but @steemitboard didn't visit my last post on Sunday to notify me of my 7 day posting badge. I hope I was correct in my UTC time frame when I published each one. Thanks in advance for checking my account.

I found justinsunsteemit and downvoted and also ned but what is the third one?

A steemit inc post.

@steemitblog or who?

That's probably the one. 😎👍


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