You are capable of more than this - stop playing small!

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I saw this video on Youtube watched it and felt relly motivated to achieve more. I know that I am capable of achieving great things, but sometimes a voice within me tells me cant do more. I then tend to feel ok with I had achieved - sometimes I achieved little or nothing. That inner voice that keeps telling me you cant do it needed to be shut. I wanted to rise up to greater challenges and do more. All i needed was a strong word of motivation to rise up and work hard to harness my potential. I saw this video and I loved the message.

Today, many people settle for less although they have the potential to achieve great things and go places. Some are quick to point to reasons why thay cant do more than they are doing - that inner voice speaks to many today. But with some right dose of motivation, you could be inspired to achieve great things. Do not be quick to condemn or belittle your capabilities. Do not be quick to blame others for your failures. Just believe that you could do more, work hard in that direction and the results will come.

No need to write much on this issue of playing small. You can think, work and achieve big things in life with the right dose of motivation. Listen in and watch the video below:

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Also check out Brain Tracy on yt and here:

I listened to a few videos and got a bunch of free pdf's from the site. In one week, my productivity has gone through the roof. I am working on ST "tasks" now and have not really set LT "goals." But I am certainly thinking about it expect better results when I do that part and start working it.

You have great posts and consistency, @focusnow. Keep going, and I know will find the success you seek.

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