When Will They Shut the Hell Up?

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Firstly, let’s examine the title of this article that I’m referring to:

"Bitcoin Chaos Continues As Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Reveals Libra Woes”

My opinion on all of this is that I hate the constant blabber about the price. The price goes up one day and it goes down the next… who really gives a fuck about all that?

Apparently, it’s all these major news outlets and traders care about. Look, I’m all for a long-term rising price. I love the fact that crypto and Bitcoin continue to see great numbers from the bird’s eye perspective.

But articles like this…

Articles that constantly undermine this technology with their constant talk about this price going down and that price flatlining… It’s stupid.

It’s a waste of time.

Why not talk about the great things that are happening? Why not teach people about the fundamental principles of this technology?

Why not help people understand this technology rather than badger it with continual negativity and over simplification of the latest price actions?

The bitcoin price lost some 15% in a shock sell-off on Tuesday, dragging down the wider bitcoin and crypto market and catching traders, who had hoped the hotly-anticipated Bakkt crypto platform launch would give bitcoin a boost, off-guard.

…. Shell Shock…. More like Shit Shock… I don’t feel any less enthusiastic about crypto today than I did yesterday.


Because the technology is what I care about. What the fuck does a 15% drop in price have to do with the technological development and adoption of crypto?

Oh that’s right… Absolutely nothing.

My message: focus on learning rather than price and you will be 1000x happier.


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