20K SP achieved! What now??

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I don't even know if reaching 20K SP is worth celebrating. What I mean by that is that my steem status is obviously the same. I am just a medium sized dolphin. Nothing more. I love round numbers, maybe that's the reason I decided to make a post about it in the first place. Who knows, maybe I'll do something similar when I reach 30K SP...

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Do I think it's an achievement?

Well, think of it this way. Some twenty two months ago, when I became a member of the Steem family, the only thing I was holding was...my breath...witnessing thousands of dollars being paid to authors. It was like a dream...Nah this can't be happening...nobody is getting paid that much just to blog...it's unreal...

Oh and 15 SP delegated by the @steem account. That was it.

In terms of Steem, people used to earn exactly what they earn today, if not less since there were definitely a few thousand daily bloggers more, that are long gone since the crypto winter started hence you could allocate less Steem from the rewards pool. It's the sbd that was making all the difference...What that means is that becoming a dolphin under those prices -Steem was sitting at 5$ I think- was out of the question...even if an average person really believed in Steem they needed something like 25.000$ if they were to buy dolphinhood...which is some serious amount.

You know how much Steem can one buy today if they decide to play the Steem game?
Almost 180.000 Steem tokens.

Insane isn't it?

I was looking at my stats on Steemworld.org and it appears that out of the 20.000 SP, only 45% is what I have earned through blogging and commenting those past 22 months. Aka 9000 SP. All the rest is bought either with hard earned fiat money or because I sold some of my crypto holdings when I thought it was the right moment to do so and bought more Steem with that.

As for the next target, the "orca" status, it is probably doable with a lot of persistence and hard work, along with investing from time to time.

Note that I am super grateful I was given the chance to grow my account all the way up to 20K SP. If it wasn't that bear market I would probably still be a minnow...like many of you.

20K Steem Power might be a laughable amount for some people out there while for some others a dream they are after. At the end of the day it is what it is and I am proud I've made it so far.

Besides I am not in a hurry. I am here for the long haul and patiently waiting communities and SMT's to launch, if that's what will drive Steem in new highs. Everyone seems to be excited about it...

Anyway if you expected a 1000 word blog tonight, I am sorry to disappoint you. It's all I have for you tonight.

But hey, stop by and say "Hi" if you feel like it.

Have a great one people.



Great job man! Just like I told @whatsup, if either of you hit 50k orca level, i’ll do it also 😂😂😂

I'm going to call you on that.

I just put a foot in my mouth lol

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Ha! Be prepared mate...it might come sooner than you think😜

But since I know that you are too a steem believer I have no doubt that you’ll upgrade your account to orca like BANG!


Oh snap! I need the hostile motivation haha

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Grats on your milestone.
I'm almost at 20k as well.

One day Steem will be so valuable that someone will say no one should have over 20k.


One day Steem will be so valuable that someone will say no one should have over 20k.

Oh man, can you even imagine that?

I am sure you’ll reach 20K in no time

Congratulations 🎉👏 @mindtrap it's really great achievement, I'm working harder to get to this Mile stone and also surpass!
That reminds me, few days back, I Just hit the minnow level, laughable isn't it? But though I know I'm going higher!!!

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Laughable? Not at all. There are so many examples of people who worked hard and made it way better than myself.

I am sure you will grow faster than you think if you are persistent 😀

Sure thanks buddy 👍 for the words of encouragement! I'm planning towards organizing series of awareness campyne about steemit blockchain.

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Sounds exciting. Looking forward to it

Sure will keep you posted and the community as well!
I am targeting, 1000 new sign up each month for the next 10 months bringing the total (10,000 new users) as a way of contributing my quoter to the growth of the community!
You see it's a massive tasks, and with a little surpport from the community I believe it will sail smootly...

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And I hope the community will surpport the idea and project as well!

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'and I am proud I've made it so far.'

And you can and should be man. Nothing wrong with celebrating a milestone.
A big CHEERS to you.

Thanks buddy. I guess I am not used to celebrations, that’s why.

So glad you along with some others are around.

I think it is worth celebrating. I passed 20k recently with most of it earned, but I have been buying some recently. Getting to orca would be cool, but having a bigger vote adds some pressure to use it well. Back when I had about 14k it was worth almost $100k for a short while. Imagine if we get back to that sort of level! I do not see it happening in the short term, but if we can have some sort of breakthrough then great things are possible. I want to see Steem reach its potential. What I make for myself is not that important.

Believe it or not I cannot even imagine my account worth 6 digits. But at the same time I am pretty sure Steem will succeed big time.

I see no reason why it wouldn’t. All the ingredients are here...

Thanks for stopping by Steve

Congratulations... No one can win right now on Steem. If you win you are a buy guy.

I celebrate your SP. :)

Thank you so much. Glad I’ve met you, even virtually 😀

We call it orcon now. Stood you wish to join... :0)

Hahahaha. I am coming full force

Grats mindtrap for achieving your 20k SP! Upvoted!

Thank you!

Congrats! 🎉

Thanks mate.

Excellent news @mindtrap congrads!

Thank you so much buddy

Congrats man! It is indeed a nice number, well done!

Thank you buddy. I am sure you'll get there too sooner rather than later

 last year (edited)

Congrats man and yep it is kind of dream for many indeed ;)

Thank you my friend. If I did it anyone can

Congratulations to you @mindtrap ✌💗

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Thank you!!

I think it is a great accomplishment because of the mindset of when I started on steemit and the price was very high. I turned $4,000 of fiat into $1000 worth of steem lol. But now if we start to approach $1 price again I will be in profit. Imagine where you'd be if we went back to lets say $4? It is a great accomplishment for you .

Imagine where you'd be if we went back to lets say $4?

My imagination can't reach that far. Damn...would be so nice wouldn't it?

Well, we lived it. So, it could happen again. I think with a lot of marketing it could happen. It's a great concept but the community isn't up to par. Nobody really supports content on a wide scale.

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Congrats man!

Thanks buddy!

Great, mindtrap 🌞👍

Congrats @mindtrap! 20k is nothing to sneeze at and everything to be proud of! Well done, and good luck with reaching the 50k target! I'm sure you can do it faster than you now deem possible!

Thanks so much mate. Meh...50K is way too far for me...Maybe till the end of next year...if there is still Steem...and we are still around...

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