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Don't Do What I Just Did!

I have been trading quite a bit recently on @steem-engine. I honestly just do it for fun and to make some extra tokens and some extra Steem, obviously. Lately, I have been doing rather well, making much more trading then I do blogging.

However, I have been getting really relaxed about my trades and not double-checking them before I send the trade. So obviously, I did something really stupid today, I switched the two numbers in my sell order somehow!?!? I put the price where I was supposed to put the number of tokens I was selling. Luckily it wasn't terribly far off in price. However, I sold more tokens than I wanted to and at a much cheaper price than I wanted, so that sucked pretty bad.

I mean it was only about an 18 Steem loss, so about $4 worth at current prices, but it still sucks! That's about a week of blogging for me, so believe me when I tell you I definitely learned my lesson!

So yeah, this is me reminding you to double or even triple check ALL of your trades, even the smaller ones or else you might be making someone else really fricken happy while making yourself pretty fricken upset! LoL.


Be careful while trading & Take Care, my beautiful friends.

"Peace, Love and all that hippie shit" - ModernDayHippie

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