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This is a heavy one...I had a conversation with someone, I can not remember who....and they told me that this Hunt bar is not from the famous Hunt brothers, originally I thought I had a bar from Silver History!! 😀

So grab that cup of coffee, and let Silvertop tell you the story behind this bar......


Jack Hunt Coin Broker.....There was a market for generic bars and he started pouring 100 Oz .999 fine Silver bars in 1981-1982.


There were two versions of the Hunt bar....

Version one was poured in upstate New York, and their were approximately 5,000 bars made.


This bar that I have is the first version....

The second version had a different stamping, and was poured by Leah Garner in Toronto Ontario Canada.
There were approximately 5,000 bars made of the second version as well.......

Where Silvertop grew up, these were called doorstops....Some people would paint these bars black and use them for doorstops!😳

I think before Santa trips on this bar I better put it back in the stack!!!🤗

Santa.......I'll take another one of these please!!!!🤗



That’s some serious door stopping power! Love it!

Ho ho ho the door! Definitely a different style of bar as they rough milled the bar just for the stamp. 👍🎄

So very true @kerrislravenhill, I don't know why they milled the top, but it looks nice. I got this bar years ago wrapped in ordinary kitchen cling wrap.
The sides are milled as well, at a 45 degree angle, I figured this was to even out the 100 Oz😀

I did not know that 100oz bars existed. I thought that the maximum weight was 1KG... Living and learning.

Yes it's definitely a heavy one Lol!!
I hope you are having a good weekend, mine is about to get busy i am playing guitar tomorrow in our Worship band.
Trying to get a post in Lol maybe!!🙃

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Ho, Ho, ho-ly sheeeet! That thing is ridiculous. 🎅


Omg! I missed this post until @summertooth asked me if I had seen your 100oz bar! Holy smackaroos! How has everyone not seen this bar. Amazing. HUGE! If Santa brings you this it will mean you were a very good boy this year!

A very good boy @dfinney LOL!😇
Santa was just shaking "her" head...🙃
I think I just saw a lump of coal in my stocking Lol..
Well at least I can burn it LOL!!🤗

Now, that is high class, using a silver brick as a doorstop! 😂 What a fabulous thing to have in one's collection! Thanks for sharing!

I can't imagine painting this bar, I like how they milled the top @thekittygirl
I wonder how many are still out there....

looks better than engelhard bars

I think Engelhard has a higher premium, the go to Silver bar...But I think you are correct this has a nice look!😀

Lol, expensive doorstops!

I hope Santa's tripping and drops me some 100og bars, dang!

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LoL me too!!🤗

Beautiful hefty large shiny silver. My largest silver is 20 ounces.
I am sorry late in coming to this article... I don’t know how I missed it, @silvertop, when I try to seek everyone out!
But.... better late than never!

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Its Christmas @silversaver888.... It's so nice to be a part of SSG!!
I hope your weather is nice, we finally got a good hike in today!
Oh... and the Mrs was laughing.....something about a breakfast bar box🤗😇


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