URGENT! Splinterlands Kickstarter Quest- 2 hours left to unlock a site wide prize

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We hit goal in the first two hours of the campaign! That was pretty awesome, but it's come mostly from a handful of whales buying out all of the top tier spots.

So, we have triple the goal, but less than 100 people. We have some things in mind to change that, but for now the incentive is this. There's a quest. The quest is achieve 100 backers total in the next two hours.

If we get to 100 backers on the kickstarter we'll up the weekly tournament prize pools by $100/week ($5,000 to the players per year!)



I was willing to do a 10$ back, but the shipping cost is 20$, which does not seem reasonable.

Pledged . I also bought 17 untamed packs


I just got my pledge in right now!

Sorry, @proto26, You can not reward TRDO Tokens, You must have atleast 1000 TRDO tokens to distribute.

"Call TRDO, Your Comment Worth Something!"

To view or trade TRDO go to steem-engine.com
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Alright - enough procrastination. I got mine in for the Zintar level. Looking forward the physical deck to look at with my kids! I have a feeling they are going to want them!

@aggroed, It's reflecting as Splinterlands Ecosystem is about to Transform. Stay blessed.

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I decided not to back the kickstarter because it was mainly a online store for tshirts and books. Maybe more people would back if there was more untamed packs involved.

Same here, the shipping costs are just too high. I would back if there was no shirts/stickers/books involved because i would pay a ton of money for the shipping costs since i live in an small island in the middle of the atlantic.

Go Splinterlands Go!!!

logo_untamed_1200 (707px, 12fps).gif

Pledged . I also bought 17 untamed packs

Go Splinterlands Go!!!!logo_untamed_1200 (707px, 12fps).gif

Pledged. I also bought 17 alpha packs.

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I noticed it has been 5hrs since this post and we are only at 89 backers .
Still an awesome effort !
Well done everyone who invested .
My only wish is I had more money to invest in this awesome game.
Have an awesome day everyone!

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greetings, @aggroed

excelent, man!!!!

Will be there soon!

Hi, @aggroed!

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