My Splinterlands Quest Reward of Yesterday - Got 3 Rares!


Hello there,

With this post I am continuing with updates on my life in Splinterlands.


Yesterday's quest was based on fire splinter. It required that I win five battles with my fire weapons. My fire weapons are level 6 and not quite suitable to compete at the highest level. I need to invest more money to upgrade my fire weapons and I'm trying to strike the balance.

Nevertheless, I struggled but managed to complete the quest and got the following reward;


There, 3 Rares and 7 commons. A very poor reward especially after the struggle.

Nevertheless, it great to receive mushroom seer as over 99% of those created have been distributed.

You can check the list in real-time here;

So, that's it!

From Splinterlands, I wish you a great day!

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@akomoajong 19/09/2019


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