Was Mother Khala yet another cover for the mighty Genkai?

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Greetings, people from @steem-ace, @battlegames, @splinterlands and @steemmonsters

Since the beautiful and dear Untamed Packs arrived in our game SteemMonsters, I noticed something that I think went unnoticed by all players !!!

Take a look at the photo of Summoner Mother Khalha and try to think of something ....

Mother Khala.png

Now, take a look at this photo:


Were you able to connect the facts ??? Wouldn't Mother Khala be another cover for the powerful master of Yusuke Urameshi ???

I don't know if you know one of the best anime of all time called Yu Yu Hakusho. If you do not know, I recommend that you watch. It is a little old, from the late 90s, however, its animation and especially its plot are spectacular.

Genkai is a good character and was the mentor of the main character in the game called Yusuke Hurameshi

Jokes aside, I leave you one of the episodes in which Genkai acts alongside his pupil Yusuki. The episode will be in my native language (Portuguese), but, you can find the complete anime on youtube to watch in English.

I highly recommend watching.

Anyone who has seen the anime knows that in part of it she disguised herself as a masquerade to help Yusuke's team.

Now she is here disguised as Mother Khala to help the SteemMonsters game hehehe.

I hope you enjoyed it and here's the introduction of anime in my native language:


Nicely spotted, you might be right. Thanks for pointing it out. :)


thank you!!!!

I suspect this to be coincidence. But I can be wrong... Ask the illustrators ;)


very cool, I love dragon ball if it looks like i will love watching this

greetings, dear mari, its too much better than dragon ball. Toooooooo much!!!!!!!


This is so cool!
I've never seen this cartoon, but do enjoy the 'old school' anime. I also agree, they kinda do look similar. 😎


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