"Divine Pastora" Archdiocesan Museum

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“Real museums are places where time is transformed into space.”

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"Divine Pastora" Archdiocesan Museum

At the beginning of last year, on the eve of Visit 163 of the image of the Divine Pastora (Divine Shepherd) to the Venezuelan city of Barquisimeto, where she would remain touring all the parishes of the city until her return on the Saturday before Palm Sunday; I had the opportunity to visit the Pastora Divine Archdiocesan Museum located next to the Minor Basilica of Santa Rosa de Lima in the neighboring town of Santa Rosa.

The museum is a small two-level building inaugurated in 2004, which treasures among other objects, the dresses worn by the virgin and the child; more than 180 pieces that are rotated every three months in the various exhibition halls with which the structure has. There is also the replica of the original image of the Divine Pastora (Divine Shepherd) used in visits to foreign parishes or special events that take place during the period of time that the virgin remains at the altar of the temple of Santa Rosa.

In the tour of the museum's facilities, it is possible to appreciate the various expressions of gratitude that the faithful of the Divine Pastora have given to the institution, as a result of the miracles or thanks granted by the virgin's intercession. Also, there are works donated by regional and national plastic artists, who thus seek to express their devotion and faith through art.

"Divine Pastora" Archdiocesan Museum has as its mission:

"Fulfill with purposes of Cultural Historical interest, whose fundamental object is the exhibition, preservation, collection and dissemination of various objects and material goods of a religious nature, particularly related to the devotion of the Divine Shepherd that is part of the religious-cultural heritage and the local and national history, in its diverse manifestations and epochs, as well as projecting the different religious-cultural expressions that arise from the popular soul and the set of values that give meaning and identity to the life of the people"

Unfortunately, the museum has remained long periods of inactive time due to the lack of financial resources demanded by an institution of these characteristics, however, it is currently open for what constitutes a great opportunity for all those people, locals or visitors of other states, to know and appreciate the treasures inside.





The devotion to the Divine Pastora de las Almas (Divine Shepherd of Souls)dates back to the 18th century, when in June 1703 in the Capuchin convent of the Santas Justa and Rufina of the Spanish city of Seville, the friar Isidoro He had a vision of the Virgin Mary dressed as a shepherdess in a purple robe, a blue mantilla in a country landscape, surrounded by trees and sheep, and carrying in her hand a cane or staff of herding work. Later, it would reach Venezuelan soil around the year 1736.

In 1812, during the devastating earthquake of March 26 that hit a large part of the Venezuelan territory, destroying the main cities and causing thousands of deaths; the temple would collapse completely, with the exception of the niche where the image was found that was virtually unharmed.

Later in 1856, the city of Barquisimeto would be the victim of a cholera epidemic. Father José Macario Yépez, would call on January 14 of that year to a public or rogative prayer at the site of "Tierritas Blancas", where a few days before, they had placed a "Saving Cross" for the protection of the inhabitants. He gave instructions to transfer the image of the Divine Pastora to the site from the nearby town of Santa Rosa and that of the Nazarene from the church of the Concepción. That day, the father Yépez would beg the Virgin to be the last victim of the terrible plague, which occurred in June of that year, eradicating since then this deadly scourge.

"Without faith, nothing is possible. With her, nothing is impossible."
Mary McLeod Bethune

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  • Camera: Samsung Galaxy J1 mini prime
  • Location: Santa Rosa, Lara, Venezuela
  • Date: 01-07-2019

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Un verdadero relicario de fe y devoción de un pueblo que se aferra a la esperanza espiritual, hermosas imágenes amigo, impregnadas de tradición y color local religioso. Gracias por compartir hoy día de la Divina Pastora.

Así es amiga, un pueblo aferrado a la fe y a la esperanza, que fueron los temas que adornaron el vestido que lució ayer en su visita 164.
Un abrazo

Buenas imagenes de los trajes usados por la divina pastora.

Gracias por visitar mi blog. Saludos

Muy interesante