Pinch, punch, 1st of the month and other boring stuff!!

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Good day to one and all and happy DECEMBER everyone. You know what that means, new month new donations due.

The rates have been kept at a crazy 2% of delegation. Which basically means to calculate your expected liquid steem donation, simply multiply the level of member ship you want by 0.02 i.e. 2500sp X 0.02 = 50steem

Now that that's out the way, let's begin where we always do with these #boringpostwednesday. I bet you're wondering what the heck the blogs picture is all about??



I don't know if you noticed, but we are now swinging a 196,500 STEEMPOWER bat. Our SP has slowly been creeping up over the past few days. This is because of the giant drop in lease rates on #minnowbooster.

My only reasoning for this is that the ex-bidbots must be flooding the market with available SP as they have been forced to no longer sell upvotes and look to keep an ROI.

I think we've found the sweet spot! Our VP hovers around the mid 90%'s and therefore is always working on making sure the #steemsilvergold community members get the best upvotes.

If VP reaches 100% then we clearly aren't giving out enough and if VP continues to drop, we're giving out too much. Mid 90's keeps upvote value at its highest without risking over/under upvoting.


The @ssg-community wallet has taken a bit of a battering lately, and that's because I sent a few hundred steem to MB to pull in a few extra leases.

For me, I love working "off-market" and dealing with leasers direct. This allows me to pay weekly rather than all upfront and is better for the leaser as MB doesn't get a slice(10% cut). Plus I can manage our weekly powerdowns to exactly match our outgoings.

If anyone has spare SP, get in touch and we can see if we can work out a deal to lease it from you.


As far as the next #monsterraffle is concerned, the new #hf21, 50/50 post split, means that our little community account, "Precious", is now almost completely self sustaining... That's a crazy achievement to think what can be done if a community pulls together and works for the greater good.

Now please feel free to correct me.... But as I see it, the more SP @ssg-community has, the better the upvotes she can give out. The more upvotes she gives out, the more curation she earns through curation?? The more curation she earns, the more SP we can lease?? Can you see where this is going??!

So, from me personally, a massive thank you to one and all that have helped this account grow from zero to hero, and here is to a fantastic future together.


It's here!! Its officially arrived at @raybrockman'a house... The #steemsilverround has landed and will be sorted, packed and dispatched as soon as Ray can. Please be patient as the logistics of this should NOT be underestimated.

We all owe @raybrockman a massive thank you for taking on this mammoth task. From initial concept to posting out, he's the man with the plan.


Do we have any budding blog writers that want to be heard and possibly get more exposure for their own account?

If you haven't noticed, the amount of blogs I write for this account has declined as of late. So I'm asking if anyone wants to write a blog, forward it on to me, and have me post it here on the @ssg-community account.

Any relevant topics are welcome, but remember this is an account for precious metal stackers, so try and keep it appropriate and something members would like to read.


I've been @welshstacker and ill leave you all to get on with procrastinating now

Credits @raybrockman, @thedamus, @buggedout, @welshstacker and @silverstackeruk



Cool to see the 2019 #steemsilverround finally in shiny glorious 999AG. I was hopeful to see my stash before Christmas but it’s a long way from the UK to sunny Queensland.

You may still @Stephen-somers! The #steemsilverrounds are being shipped straight from the good ol' USofA and not here in the UK.

Ooh that’s an exciting prospect. I haven’t seen a tracking number so I guess it’ll have to be a nice suprise when they arrive.

@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 10/15 - need recharge?)

We really appreciate the tipu curation @miti. Without the help of the community and everyone on steemit this community account would really struggle.


You're welcome @ssg-community. As you might have guessed, I try to support those who deserve it since I realized that actively supporting the community brings benefits to all.

Woo... rounds are in 🍾 I'm heading to Ray's page now !tip

wont be long. I think they should be on their way to you by the weekend or VERY early next week

🎁 Hi @ssg-community! You have received 0.1 STEEM tip from @davedickeyyall!

@davedickeyyall wrote lately about: Roll With Me On #Themorningbowl Feel free to follow @davedickeyyall if you like it :)

Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide.

Everyday I love @precious more!

wait till you see what I got planned @ronaldoavelino.... Over 200k SP by the new year ( I hope)

Yay!!! I can't believe it is the last month of the year 2019!!! I haven't missed a beat, and always moving forward, just plugging along...

Well its always great having you around @silversaver888 and we are still waiting for the #ladiesofssg calendar ?? Guess we will have to wait till 2021 to get one now

And I am so glad to be here with you!!!

Saw that in the chat earlier, CHristmas is here! HA!

Christmas is definitely here @enginewitty - Let the overindulgence and weight gain commence

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How do I get one of this silver?

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Hi @roger5120 unfortunately the opportunity to buy these "new" have passed. The only way to buy one now is through the second hand market.

There may be a few come up for sale in the next few days, but expect to pay a little more than original price. You could try @raybrockman and ask if he has any spare

Thanks for the response; appreciate it. @raybrockman do you have any spare?

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