The Land of Far Beyond || Capture of Fright. Merriment, Gaiety and Laughter...(Chapter 10)

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And we continue with the story of The Land Of Far Beyond. This would be Enid Blyton's version of John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress. It is a Christian story but I would recommend it to anyone as it is very relatable to just life and the challenges it presents.

The story is about a boy named Peter and his two sisters, Anna and Patience who set out in a group of 10, in search of the City of Happiness. If they are successful, they will be able to get rid of the burdens they carry on their backs.

In this chapter, the 7 left in the group, two adults and 5 children have finally managed to get away from Giant Cruelty. Though during the night, they were disturbed by Cruelty's pageboy Fright, by morning he disappeared.

They group of 7 continue their journey, not looking for the House of Peace. On the way, they meet up with three travellers who are great company, making them laugh and forget their burdens on their backs.

But when some travellers riding horses pass them, they start feeling unhappy that they were not as lucky. While they complained about how unfair life was, their happy companions were replaced with unpleasant ones.

When they realised how down and miserable their new companions were making them feel, they had to bid them goodbye and good riddance to continue on their journey.

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