The Land of Far Beyond || Industrious & the Wall of Hard Work. The Demons of Boredom.. (Chapter 8)

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The Land of Far Beyond by Enid Blyton was inspired by John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress. Blyton put her own spin for her readers. This is by far, one of my most favourite books from her and would recommend it for anyone young and old. The original copy can be found in the Public Domain.

The story is about a boy named Peter and his two sisters, Anna and Patience who set out in a group of 10, in search of the City of Happiness. If they are successful, they will be able to get rid of the burdens they carry on their backs.

What started out as a group of 10 who had made a pact to journey together are now down to 8. They make a pact to stay on the narrow path and not to be way laid again.

As they trudge along, they come across a group of people who are busy building a wall. Mr. Industrious, explains to the travellers that the wall is to keep the Demons of Boredom away and every one who is on the way to the City of Happiness will have to do their part.

As they travellers do their part, Sloth convinces Gracie Grumble to skive off and rest in her home. Lily and John, sneak away with her while the rest are busy. At Sloth's they meet Laziness, her husband, and together they convince Ms. Grumble that she should just stay.

Lily and John join the others, and once done with contributing to the wall, continue their journey. They walk into a fighting match between Rage, Wrath and Temper. They then help the three fellas home to castle that belong to Giant Cruelty.

If you would like to listen to the full story, click on the image to play the video. And here are the videos of the chapters leading up.

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