The Superman Dance and other Super Things

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The Superman Dance

Super Dance Moves

Origin Story

A capsule landed in the yard - carrying the last son of Krypton

The Blue Years

Super Trumpet

Superman dropped out of college and followed his love of music - here blowing his horn at Preservation Hall

Ninja Superman, twice as sneaky

Years of chasing his own demons led Superman to a super desolate mountain, whereupon he learned the super ancient art of ninja in a super mystical monastery.


Green laser on quartz held by big and little hands

Ain't no thing

Laughs in the face of Kryptonite

Starring @thingtwo as Superman


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I wouldn’t mess with that ninja Superman, especially now that the ice storm ias about to hit with sub zero temperatures.

I wondered if anyone would catch the subzero mask :)

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Hahahaha. Great gif 👌

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Haha ..Lovely super hero ! 😊 gvyln2.png

So adorable!

Great post @carlgnash, such fun to watch little kids play and pretend.
Enjoy them while their young, they grow up way too fast.
Have a fun filled weekend.

Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!! Keep up with the dorky content for more love!!!