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What are tags?

I have noticed a lot of improper use of tags and figured I'd do a little write up on the proper use of tags.

I particularly see an overuse of the hive tag. Posts tagged with Hive should be directly related to Hive and not content that happens to be on Hive.

Tags are used to classify posts and assist in content discovery. It only works when tags are used in moderation.

If you are writing a post about Winnie the Pooh that happens to be on Hive, that's not a good reason to use the tag #hive.


If you look at /created/hive you can see what is typically tagged as hive.

As you can, most of the posts have nothing to do with "Hive". If I am looking for content about "Hive", I am certainly not going to be happy to find posts about portraits and food.

Let me take one of the results from the above search.

This particular post is fairly well tagged as all the tags are relevant except Hive and maybe Nature. If you look at each tag, consider searching Hive using each one individually, would you be happy with the result?

If everyone uses the same tags, the tags lose all their value and no longer serve the purpose they are intended for.

How to properly tag your content

When you finish writing your post, think carefully about the tags you use. Pretend to search Google to find your post, what keywords would you use to find it? These are good candidates for tags.

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we are making a bit of a push to make sure posts using #peakd are posts ABOUT PeakD
I know old habbits are hard to break and we don't want people who didn't know better feeling offended... but slowly but surely we may succeed. The #hive tag looks like it's gonna take a lot more work to clean up.

That's great to hear, good luck in your cleaning endeavours 😉

If anyone is here to read the comments and don't know the Rule of Tags, I would suggest to have a look at this post by hivewatchers.

Lets use the tags wisely and properly. Hive on!

Others must educate about the proper use of tags! Thanks for these, I will include to our meeting this coming days for the newbie and old people here to remind also.

This is definitely a good thing to avoid internally. But, I think you should add that tagging #hive on external sites (twitter, myspace, google+, church community board, etc.) whether POSHing or casually linking hive posts is awesome and appropriate.

2016 called. It wants its rant back.

More of a PSA than a rant.

A proper tagging is important for SEO.
I tell that my friends all the time too.

What? I thought you have some tips about it.. just a rambling?

I tag like crazy.

Most of my sins with tagging have been a few times I was slapped on the hand a few times for tagging tribes who poorly communicated their rules. When I think I understand their rules, and then I find out after their downvote and comment I actually misunderstood the rules, I learn from the mistake and move on.

Once in a while I run into people who retaliate for misusing tags because they only want their own politically correct content associated with certain sensitive subjects. I call these people the Tag Nazi's, because they are not open for discussion. I'm all in support of people using tags that have multiple meanings and perspectives. Nobody owns a tag, as far as I am concerned.

Yes, I agree people who use popular tags that have nothing to do with the content of their work should be instructed, not necessarily penalized, to do better.

Would it be bad censorship if we allowed blockchain users to untag posts for clearly misuse of a tag? Maybe that would be too confusing to fairly moderate.

Good point!

I always see this kind of posts too. There is also the travel tag used very bad. Most likely people feel like using it on every picture from nature, even if it's just a flower. And then my question is "Did you travel to that flower? Or what sense the tag has?" because I often search for more travel posts and I get lots of inappropriate posts using the tag nonsense.

Hope more people will see this post and learn something from it!

You're right, tags are essential and should be done well, at least if one's using the hive tag it's important to note that a newbie might click on the tag just to learn what hive is all about

That’s like asking people to stop cross posting 🤷‍♂️

Personally, I use HIVE to irritate tag Nazis, fill up the ten tag quota, and when I'm feeling like mixing stuff up a little 😂😂😂

This is the real uselful content or post toward hive and esteem user how to use the tag on it. Nice post dude thank you 😊😊

I agree with what you are saying in this post but do tags actually make a difference or do anything on here? I mean that seriously not sarcastically at all. It's probably just me because I'm somewhat of an idiot, but I can't see anyway of actually searching in a specific tag aside from clicking directly on the ones attached to an article.

Is there a simple user friendly way of actually searching a specific tag? I don't see that anywhere on Hive. Exploring communities is no problem but tags I'm lost.

They don't make much of a difference between they are so poorly used. Like in my example, if I was looking for posts about Hive, I would get posts mostly about everything but Hive.

And that user just got free promotion from Marky. Lol

Good work dear

Now I get why my feed is full of food, but I follow no food-related tags or authors

Wooow...this is actually a great write up and very educative.....thanks for the advice