Today, I bought some Hive, power-up a few but sponsored a lot

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It was a glorious day both for crypto and gold where both assets showed a huge pump in price. I was quite happy to be able to make a small profit in both markets too. Subsequently, I bought some Hive along the way.


Every now and then, I have been purchasing some handful of Bitcoin from one of my favourite exchanger, Luno which was then sent to Hive via @blocktrades. Of course, that is one of the common practice to buy Hive. Since I don't have that big extra fiat laying around, the only way I purchase is by small purchases. It might take some time to get to that big account, but eventually, I will get there. All I need to do aside from constant Hive purchasing is perseverance, hard work and grit.

Constant power-up after Hive purchases


It has become my habit to make Hive power-up after making that small Hive purchases. Though small, but I am happy to be able to make power-up on top of my curation reward. This will give me that boost to get to my next goal which is 12,000 Hive Power. I still need around 300+ HP to get there before the end of the month, wish me luck!


Looking at how my Hive Power progress makes me really pumped up! It gives me that energy to think various ideas to build myself in this blockchain.

Also sponsored a lot


Those that are here way back before Hive should know all about SBI (SteemBasicIncome, now rebranded to HBI). It basically gives the idea of a user having a universal income. It gives the user a universal upvote accordingly to how much you have sponsored. The principle is, the more you give, the more you get back. New Hiver may check @steembasicincome on how the distribution works. I have been sponsoring a lot since the beginning and especially to those that follow me as it is one of my ways to show engagement.


Here are the lists of Hivers which I sponsored. You may or may not know this but guys, I have sponsored you some SBI as a token of appreciation of following me:

@slackerman @sknawshin @lulucrespog @travelwritemoney @rizasukma @mohasin1 @dallas27 @hardiananisam @munawar1235 @yuriy4 @schneidy @weirdestwolf @abduljalil.mbo @traveledge @awie @cheesom @holyrobot @globetrottergcc @lauramica @sarkash7011 @lelakiombak @victorholyo @janicemars @chuzie @famegirl @xerxes.alpha @armehl @aromaticdelights @tashbrown1723 @pasie15 @maxxie1 @ashaf @trytan6bz @crysis @bboyady @kingfadino @creative1234

Keep on doing great content here guys! Congrats on the sponsorship and may it motivates to give back more to the blockchain.


Thank you so much @robmojo for sponsoring me stack based income(SBI). You r so kind..

It's a small amount but will help in a long term and your welcome 😉

Thank you very much @robmojo! Already mentioned me here, nice to meet you, success continues, friend, hopefully your days are always in a pleasant state... :-|

Your welcome. I wish you the best of luck in your Hive journey 😉

Best of luck and keep powering up! It is going to help in the upcoming bull run! Thank you just saw my name for being sponsored, grateful indeed! I do not know why they haven't transferred my SBI from Steem to Hive, it's been a week that I made a request.

@globetrottergcc the request needs to be sent on the chain that you are transferring from. We received a request three weeks ago on Hive and transferred your membership to Steem at that time. We have not received any request on Steem to transfer your membership to Hive.

This happens sometimes, and you can still sweep everything from Steem to Hive by sending the request on Steem.

@robmojo your request has a typo, but given the above issue with @globetrottergcc, I wanted to confirm that you actually meant to request transferring from Hive to Steem. If so, can you please send again with the typo corrected (and make sure you are sending on the chain on which you want to have 0 SBI left).

@josephsavage thank you for letting me know, I'll do it right away and transfer it from Steem to have it on Hive.

Hopefully, did it right, this time :) Transfer 0.003 SBD to steembasicincome Trasnfer Refund Request

Thanks @josephsavage for the reply. I think I got confused with the transferring of the SBI. I should have made it from Steemit to Hive and I just noticed it was mispelled, lol.

How do I cancel?

No need to cancel since it was misspelled, just send with correct spelling on Steem instead.

Thanks! Appreciate for the respons 😉

I let mine on SBI since I still make some small post on Steem just to squeeze as many crypto I can. Eventually, I swap it to Hive 😂

Nice strategy :)

This is awesome! Thank you @robmojo for your generosity :)

It's a small amount but will be helpful in a long term. Hopefully, it will motivate you creating more content on Hive and ultimately your Hive journey 😉

Thanks. I hadn’t realized you sent a HIVE. Much appreciated I wish you continued good fortune.

Your welcome and thanks for the wish 😉 . 99.9% hardwork and 0.01% luck.

I am really thankful. 🙏 after staying busy outsite, it's a great please to see recognition for our efforts!

all good you my friend 🎯 let's make it happen

Indeed friend, let's make it happen 🚀🚀🚀