Brave browser introduces secure encrypted video calling

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While Zoom has been dominating the scene with the COVID outbreak, there are many privacy issues with the Zoom client. Many have recommended using Jitsi instead. Jitsi is an open-source secure video app recommended by Edward Snowden.

Brave Browser has integrated Jisti directly into the Brave Browser allowing you to make secure encrypted video calls without an account.

Did you know Zoom's calls are not end to end encrypted?

This is one of the many reasons Zoom is a poor choice for those who care about their privacy. Zoom claims to have end to end encryption, but it has been proven to be false. Zoom has also been accused of selling data to Facebook.

You do need to download the nightly builds of Brave to use video calling or wait for it to reach the stable branch.

Currently, it is limited to one on one calls, but that will change in the near future as they build the additional functionality needed to support group calls.

I have used Chrome Browser since the release, about a year ago I attempted to switch to Brave Browser as my primary browser, something I tried many times in the past and haven't switched back since then. Once Brave started to support Chrome Extensions, the switch was easy and beneficial.

Brave Browser has more security, privacy, and performance than Google Chrome without the spying. I highly recommend checking out Brave. It is also crypto-friendly with built-in wallet support with support for hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger.

I highly recommend you research the security issues related to Zoom and consider alternatives like Jitsi.

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Don't expect privacy if you're using Brave's wallet, though. "Make money watching ads"? Only if you're willing to give them HD retinal photos for biometric ID, tell them where you sleep at night, and show valid government ID. Brave is only good for privacy if you're NOT using the wallet.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)Reveal Comment

I didn't know that about them getting rid of Uphold! Thanks, I'll keep an eye out for positive developments.

Do you have any links where I can follow this story? Are you referring to the TAP Network?

Great browser! Has all the functionalities of Chrome while maintaining great security.

I loved this browser when I could use it. It was quick, blocked nearly all pop ups and the few ad notifications were easy to deal with and not annoying at all.

Excellent browser app that seamlessly blocks ads to make a simple, clean browsing experience

I like the security feature of brave.

I've been using the Brave browser since last year. It's a pretty sweet deal!

I find the huge loss of privacy to be a deal-breaker. Otherwise it's a fine browser.

Could you elaborate on the loss of privacy?

That's awesome! Especially that there are lots of people who are working through video calls in this period.

I’ve been using Zoom since the lockdown started. I was worried when I saw the security concerns on Twitter some weeks ago. Brave is good with security, so this would be an interesting alternative.

Brave is leading the way. Now if there was Brave Hive partnership that would be something. :)

Brave browser is really good. It looks better than Google Chrome + BAT

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I finally started using Brave this year, I just find it to be noticeably slower than chrome is on my Mac... Not sure why...

Great to hear about the Video calling tho. I've been forced to use Zoom bc that's what every1 is using (also for multiple ppl in a chat) but haven't felt too good about it the whole time lol...


Just another reason for using BRAVE thanks for sharing 💯🐒