🤯Reputation 70 Engaged! (+A Walk🚶Down My Steem Blockchain Memory Lane)🌟

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I Made It!

Almost exactly two and a half years have gone by since I decided to come over here. At the time, I was just getting out of affiliate marketing and MLMs had already left a pretty bad taste in my mouth. I was at a serious crossroads as to what I even wanted to do anymore. I only knew one thing was certain, and expressed it in my very first post here on Steem.

My Whale Vote

It actually got me excited. I had gotten a vote from @fyrstikken, giving me a little confidence in the fact that maybe there was something here. I mean hell, that was more than I had made on a single blog post anywhere ever if you leave out referral bonuses and affiliate commissions. Part of me just wanted to do that, get paid to write. It sparked a long lost love for creating inside my weary soul.

The Future is Digital

I still believe this, especially as we speak, China is locking down their own governmental sanctions on Bitcoin and trying to corner the market over there. Talk about greedy. In my second entry, I thought I was getting somewhere, I thought I had an audience and started to peel away some layers of the cryptosphere with some opinion, but, no. I didn't make shit. I got 2 less votes, but, did get my first actual comment proving that there was human interaction here.


After my first post, I seriously didn't make anything and fell back in to the marketing bullshit slump. One post, the only vote I got was from myself and another, I got flagged by @steemcleaners! That kind of pissed me off, I mean, in a decentralized society, you're going to tell me what I can and can't post? (Sounds familiar, right?) They obviously didn't read my first two posts or give a shit, which is why I reverted. I think @fyrstikken may have noticed my frustration, because he smashed this post breathing new life into my Steem journey. It was the first one I made more than a dollar on and it wasn't even touched by @steemcleaners - despite being the same kind of content they flagged me for prior.

Time To Taste a bit of Witty

Coming off of a serious falling out with some greedy MLM assholes, I wrote a song and made a shitty video for them called Company Murders and entered it in some Rap Challenge - sort of. I didn't follow the rules (par for the course), so it never even got on the docket LOL! But, I did make another dollar. That told me, maybe I should be a little more me.

The Music & #thealliance

As I started to explore the different avenues of pursuing some musical fun here on chain, it also came to my attention that I wasn't going to survive for very long if I didn't make some seriously solid friendships and form a badass team. The Alliance was born a few days later in a conversation on Facebook. Funny, I mention 'no ads on Steemit' in here LOL! Some of them are still around that came to the family early on, but many of the originals have given in to the frustration of all the changes and just said to heck with it. Sad really, and we did what we could to retain them, but it is what it is. Not everyone has shoes designed for running marathons.

💋So Damn Sexy👢

I started putting a little more effort into my creativity and was doing a sexy poetry series when I wrote this one. The only two people that commented that are still active on at least a weekly basis are @jaynie and @donatello. This was also (according to Steemworld) the first post I hit double digits in the payout category. On a crappy music video? I say crappy not that I didn't put any effort in, but that it cost me zero for production. I was so stoked!

👽Can I Be Your Witness?👀

In January of last year (2018), I decided to become a witness. Yes, almost 2 years now, I've been putting up with some bullshit that none of you will ever have to. But, I love this place and like I said - I'm here for the long haul.
I'll continue to support my friends and family that remain true to the ideals and principles first set forth - just help each other. I don't know how many we've come across that are just in it for themselves - despite the masks they wear and try to fool us with. For me, it's not who I am underneath, but what I do, that defines me. Ya, I know, corny Batman quote - but true.

Moving Forward

Since then, I've joined, supported, initiated and left multiple groups based on their direction and my own. I've organized and attended multiple meet-ups and am a regular on my own and others' shows floating around Discord/Vimm/YouTube/Whathaveyou. I know some of you on a touch your face basis. Some of us even yak on the phone about random bullshit that has nothing to do with the blockchain. That is all I ever really wanted @thealliance to be - a REAL network, nay, a family, of people that actually care about each other's well being. I'd like to think we have accomplished that and continue to grow closer as we make new friends and adopt more family along the way. I know everyone has their own path, but nobody has to walk it alone.

You Are Appreciated!

Each and every one of you! From the new-to-me Steempeeps like @johndoer123 and @abdex9 to the long-standing friendships we've built on and off chain (and this list is pretty long, so I will refrain from mentioning two hundred people here). This is my thank you for helping me achieve a pretty lucrative milestone. There is no way I would have gotten this far if not for the support of the entire Steem community as a whole. So, you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to keep being me and nudge you to REMEMBER TO BE YOU!

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@snook made this badass gif


Glad our paths finally crossed. Here’s to a wide open future and the support of friends:




Wide open indeed my man, this is the wild west of the digital era, no doubt!


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Muchos Gracias hombre!

Congatulations, for me my own rep (as I know how I've earned it) is so important :)
long live the Alliance

There were times I thought I would be flagged down to nothing LOL! Much love sweets, and good to see you out and about this morning!

I try to peek in from time to time eve if I have not posted much of late... I'm fighting my dying computer and tired mood, but sharing a post later on, released a new video last night, was just too tired to finish the blog post afterwards (you know I like to do gifs and things like that) People always tell me glad you're back! :) but I'm not gone, just post little. I also keep my outdated yidneth discord server so everyone can find me there if they need to message :)

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Hey @enginewitty, here is a little bit of BEER from @definethedollar for you. Enjoy it!

Congratulations Witty <33
Glad you found this place
Glad whales found you
Glad I found The Alliance
Now on to 80 😅

You moving my goalposts??? I was set on 75, but heck ya, let's go 80!

Congratulations !!!! I always love reading about people's journeys!!! Hehehe

70 looks good on you ❤️

Proud of your accomplishment!! Keep running your race, darlin.

(I still have my marathon shoes on too, i just jumped the fence and am running a new race without a course marked ... Scary, frustrating, bit hopefully worth it in the long run)

I didn't forget your idea either... Just got sick after a medical procedure last week and took a week off work. Not sure if I'll do it... But I just told @bluefinstudios yesterday how much I miss the good old days, AND working alongside him.

Never know what could happen ... But I definitely still lurk. Hehe

Sending you love and a massive hug!!!!

Dreemie 😇

I see you here and there, thanks for coming to visit me on this occasion. I was pretty much in love with 69 though, no lie bwahahahahaaa! Going to start getting things ramped up for The Block Party now that SF4 is behind everyone ;) Are you still in?

Congrats on such well deserved rep and Great achivement 😉👍
I have been blessed with the luck to watch you grow in our time here and I seen your leader ship never fail. NO matter lots of ups and downs you always stayed True to yourself and your vision. I admire you alot for so many reasons.

You have come along way and I cant Thank you enogh for finding me and bringing me to your family 🤗🙏❤️ best place to be!
I seen your many raps and my favorites were the spoon one and the one your parents liked, don’t remember the name of the song.
But always loved seing your videos and hearing your raps. Hope you get to do some more music in the future 😜 and some hot poems that also was amazing. A man of many talents for sure.

Thank you for being YOU and Im glad you finally get The attantion you deserve.
Love you lots 🤗😍😘🤗❤️

Thanks love, your attitude has been one of the main reasons I even got this far. Been many times I was just like "Fuck Steem." And there you are, offering words of encouragement I never asked for. So, thank you.

CONGRATS on hitting the big seven-oh! ...although I know you were rather pleased with your previous number... 😂

Yes, I totally was, almost didn't post last week because I was so close but then I got some post at least once a day bug back in my brain and bloop! There it was. Are there any other cool numbers past 69??

Well congrats on making it on the marathon of 30 months and a 70 is suited , although I guess we women here don’t appreciate the 70 in normal life I want it to. Our paths didn’t cross much and I am not a active alliance member but soly because I am busy in @steemterminal @heyhaveyamet and @steem-aide not an excuse but There is so much.
But I read the Wes interview and I relate, I hate people who complain and leave the platform without contributing, I haven’t gotten double digits on blogs until twice last month but I am still here busting my ass off, but not complaining. We all do what we can and and hope the majority likes it. I wish you well and love the fact that being a dad is most important in your tourney in life combined with the one on the steemisfere

Thank you sweets, not sure I'll be running any marathons when I reach the age of 70, but rep now, I still got some pep BWAHA! There are tons of people that think they are 'entitled' to certain things and don't go about earning them. And like you, we don't associate much, but that doesn't mean you don't have my respect. @thekittygirl and Ren always speak highly of you, so you're doing something right!

I love the ladies😉

So that comment below me was intended to be toward you and I somehow gave myself these:


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He he, me too!😉I mean what? Yes they're awesome.


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Great post my friend! I remember very well when you started here on Steemit.
Don't worry about the crappy video, I create them every day and I have a lot of fun.
Have a lovely Sunday!

How long have you been on here now? Longer than me I think!

Since July 2016 but I wasn't very active at the beginning of 2017. I restarted writing posts in the middle of 2017.

Holy cows man! You been here over 3 years?

I know but I've been on YouTube for over 12 years.

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Read your post, went off to make this gif, then completely spaced sharing it! A belated congratulations to you, @enginewitty! 😊

enginewitty congratulations on hitting 70.gif

Ha ha! Love me some cheerleaders :P Thanks hun :hugging:

You're very welcome! 🤗

 2 years ago (edited)

Stay blessed always.
!giphy hugs

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Oh dear, should have written bear hug

HA HA! You monkeying around? It's ok, we gotta have some fun :P


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Thank you :)

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