The storm

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I took this picture of an incoming storm. It was odd because behind me was blue skies and sunshine, ahead the storm you see rolling in...And the rainbow in the moisture-loaded air. It was an odd feeling to be in the the middle of fine weather and the incoming storm...

...It feels the similar right now with all this covid-19 stuff going on don't you think? Happy life behind, doom and gloom ahead?

Borders closed, travel restricted, major events cancelled, manufacturing, business, universities and schools closed, large gatherings banned...

...There's a storm coming y'all, or has it arrived?

I'm travelling within Australia in a week, to Tasmania on a week-long holiday, and so far it is still possible. Who knows how it will go though? I'm also supposed to be travelling to Finland via Denmark in July however my sister-in-law told me their trip to Copenhagen in April is now not possible and that Denmark might be closed to outsiders all summer...That will put an end to my trip there in July.

I don't know what the result of this scenario will be however I hope some lessons are learned, not least of which being the need to maintain better hygiene.

It's pretty pathetic when governments need to advertise how to properly wash your hands...But then how many times do people exit a rest room without washing their hands? It's fucking disgusting y'all. Seriously disgusting.

Another thing is the need for every member of society to take greater responsibility to be more self-prepared, in general. The toilet paper and hand sanitiser debacle around the world is simply pathetic, and the blame lays at the feet of ill-prepared people and the worst of human-nature combining into a perfect storm of panic buying. People who don't take responsibility for themselves and their families, all the time, should be ashamed.

And speaking of shame? The Chinese, and any one else who engages in wet market type activity, should be completely ashamed.

If you don't know what I am talking about see the link about Chinese wet markets right here. This is where the covid-19 thing originated and it's fucking disgusting. I get it, people gotta eat, but bringing animals from every corner of the world and housing them together inside small, hot rooms is a recipe for disaster...And it's all government backed. The opportunity for disease and virus transfer from animals not usually found together is increased...And is why the world is in the situation it is right now.

Here's another video in case that first wasn't enough for you. Inside a wet market.

Watching those two videos will explain it better than I could. Hmm, I wonder...Maybe all the vegans could band together and head over there and do some real good rather than complaining that people drink cows milk. Hmm...Just a thought.

So, because of the insistence of the Chinese to continue to illegally traffic wildlife into China, house and slaughter it inappropriately then consume it we face the current situation around the world. Thanks China.

We will weather the storm, probably. I mean it's happened before so is nothing new. 1917-1918 saw 50 million people lose their lives to the Spanish Flu for instance...We will make it...Not all of us, but most I guess.

Life will go on, maybe not my trip to Europe, but life in general. I try to keep my life as normal as possible hence our intention to fly down to Tasmania in a week although I'm not even sure what will be open down there. It could be a total disaster.

I hope life is ok for you guys and you're managing to find some normality. Have a great week y'all.

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When you stress your food out, it gets weak, diseased and sick - it's that simple!.

....Besides there aren't many ways left the planet can rid itself of vermin in plague proportions... Humans need to up our game and get back into balance with the planet, or we will end up food to the planets next top predator - the microscopic.

Couldn't have said it better myself...In fact couldn't have said it this good at all!

I agree completely.


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Very informative video. That's the first time I've heard an estimate of what % of people can be expected to contract the virus. The doctor states that we can expect between 40/70% of all of the people in the world to be infected, is a hard # to fathom. One can only imagine the chaos that will ensue if this comes to pass.

If this ends up being the case, toilet paper will be the last thing to worry about.

Those wet markets are gross and inhumane. To think that they are the point of origin for this virus is most disturbing. This world we live in keeps getting smaller.

A little confronting yes.

Maybe this is the correction the world (humanity) needs?

Those wet markets are disgusting and I do not understand how they area allowed to continue...Still, it's China so I'm not surprised it is. Apparently they are right across Asia though. Humans huh?

I'd go back to my home planet if I could, but my spaceship was burned up on entry and is destroyed. I'm destined to make the best of it here on planet earth...


After reading your post, I was very interested in this subject and spent some time surfing the internet for more content. A couple of things that I learned was, Pangolins are the most trafficked mammal in the world. Prized in China as a delicacy and for the purported medicinal virtues of their scales.
People’s Congress issued a decision “Comprehensively Prohibiting the Illegal Trade of Wild Animals. This law was passed on February 24 of this year. I'm not sure this will do much to stop this practice, and it comes a little late.

Thanks for the engage tokens my friend, your support is always appreciated @galenkp

I've got a buddy that works on
here is his phone number if you would like to give him a call. 1-800-cya-later

Yeah, those pangolin's get a bum-deal huh? I don't get why people need to eat stuff like that. And yes, the government regulations are too little too late. They tried it before, to close down the wet markets, apparently but the populace complained and they relented...And support them instead.

I think I'll give your mate a call...

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I try to stay positive in these times but honestly I was very lucky to have decided to move here to Vietnam when I did. It could be extremely difficult for me to pull that off now. I'd probably be sitting over in Cambodia and while that might be a great place, I don't wanna.

That's a pretty kick ass picture. You take that with a smartphone? If so yours is much better than mine. :)

It's a crazy old time huh? Australia hasn't reacted as quickly or as severely as other countries but it's still pretty full on here. Looks like my July trip to EU is not going to possible. We'll see. Interesting to see people's reactions though huh?

I too the photo with a Samsung S9. This is the farm I cull on...It's a pretty cool spot that often offers up amazing views.

i must be doing something terribly wrong with my smartphone. I can't get shots like that and I bought the phone specifically because it was advertised as having a great camera setup :(

Hmm, I don't know. Much of what I use in my posts come off my Samsung. The last few from New Zealand did too...The lake shots. I'm not really sure what I do right...I just point and shoot mostly. :)

i was messing around with aperture settings not long ago, it might still be activated. I'll have to look :)

Yes, that sounds like a possible issue. Return it to factory settings and see how you go.

Deep thoughts with nice photos! Yes, it is sad but true, our regular life is disrupted because of this Covid-19.

However, it must also be acknowledged that there is no way forward without the authorities making such decisions. Although we have not made such a decision here, we are still having a fear of it happening.

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What I saw from that picture, with the dark skies and a rainbow shining through, is that there's always some light in the impending darkness ⛈🌈😄. In another world, Malaysia's going to have a "lockdown" in a couple of days, so that's my outdoor journeys canned... Stay safe, mate!

There's always hope I guess, that ones with being human. I hope your lockdown isn't too bad for you. Here's some TP to help you out...It's hard to come by these days...


The "lockdown" starts tomorrow, and will keep going on until the end of March. I use quotation marks because it's officially called "movement control", though I'm not sure about the differences 🤔. I guess I'll have more to say when I experience it myself...

And thanks for the TP, I appreciate it 🤣. Though to be honest, us Malaysians (at least the ones that I know ) don't use bog-roll that much, as we have these little nozzle-washer thingy right next to the toilet. It's like a bidet, but you'll have to angle it manually 💩. We only use TP (or even a towel ) to dry off the buttocks.

It saves us a lot of money from having to buy TP. In fact, our house doesn't even stock that much... I suppose this is the reason why I've seen some Malaysians troll people on Twitter that's been complaining about the TP shortages. Sorry about that...😆


Bloody hell! You wouldn't want to confuse that nozzle with the shower-head! Lol.

Knowing me the whole bathroom would be underwater with one of those things! Lol.

Just on the TP thing...One of the Directors at work was whinging about there being no TP in the supermarket. I told him to stop being a baby and go buy corn on the cob. He looked at me funny and I said...Peel the husks off, wipe your ass with them then simply throw the corn cob on the BBQ for a tasty treat. He tried to look at me with a straight face...Didn't manage it. Lol.

The pressure is pretty high with those nozzles. You have to be careful when you're turning it on, otherwise you'll blast a hole through your bum 😶... Lol, too bad I don't have a lot of corn around here in the tropics. But we do have bananas 🍌... I'm sure I can use banana leaves for butt wiping, right?

Oh yeah, banana leaves are the next best thing to corn cob husks for ass wiping. I'm writing an eBook on that very topic right this moment. It'll be available on the AppStore.

I don't have an Apple device, but if you make that available for online viewing, I'll pre-order one... or two.

You don't need an apple...It will work on bananas too...I'll be sure to personally sign your copy.

Hey, Grouchy cured the corona virus today...I'm just writing a post for a little later right at this moment...Yep, at the same time as writing my corn cob/banana skin ass wiping eBook. Talk about multi-tasking huh?


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Anxiety Levels....

off the chart here bro..... They are considering a interstate travel ban, marshall law quarantine...... I need to get to FLA. Hunker down and wait it out. Bill Collectors Be Damned!!!!

It's out of control here mate. Same as everywhere else.

Howdy sir galenkp! That storm photo is incredible! So much for you not being able to take great pictures!
Yeah, China sucks in so many ways. Many people on Steemit are saying the virus was developed and created on purpose, weaponized by the bio weapons lab there. But it seems like the source would logically be the wet markets.

Yeah, loads of conspiracy theories going around...Still, I think if someone was serious about making a virus to kill off people on a mass scale it would be a little worse than a bit of a sore throat and cough.

I agree, and it seems like they wouldn't make one that primarily targets the elderly and unhealthy. That's the thing I don't understand about the virus supposedly designed to be a weapon. lol.

Hey, I heard some States in the US are starting to mention martial law...Have you heard anything reliable?

Yes. Well just that New York, Washington, Virginia and California have discussed declaring a Medical Marshal Law and what that might entail, California may have already declared it, this morning I heard it was imminent.

The whole country will need to go on a total lockdown to stop this thing because we got such a late start on taking precautions and testing. We're just starting to test now because the test kits weren't available.

Like they said the city of Atlanta, Georgia with a million people had 50 kits! They're waiting on getting more so by the time they get them who knows how many will be infected.

We expect the infected cases in the U.S. to sky-rocket from 7,300 now to tens of thousands in the next 7 days because people are finally getting tested.

Hmm, I figured it would happen in certain places, France maybe and of course the States. Once people start running out of things the streets will start to fill with people...It'll happen all over the place to some degree I think...Just a prediction. You heard it first here.

Yes in a way it will be interesting to see how people act in those areas that are hit the worst. The federal government is meeting with all the major grocery store chains and the truckers unions to insure that the supply lines keep running without interruption.

That includes using the military and national guard to guard stores and distribution centers as well as escort trucks if it gets really crazy!


I literally just got back from the supermarket. Shelves are getting very bare. I spoke to a guy there who was scanning tickets and he told me they normally get 6 deliveries a week...They have not had one sine Sunday...(It's lunch time Friday here.) It's not just panic buying that's the problem here...The supply line has broken. Interesting that you note that also in USA and that they are moving to reconnect it.