More sunshine on the Costa del Sol?

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With annual leave stacking up and only 4.5 months left of 2020 in which to use it up, it's time to plan another holiday. Personally I don't find much value in taking time off to sit at home, like I have been doing for much of this year due to covid-19 enforced lockdowns, and so I've decided to 'risk' another trip to Spain.

Boat trip to Cadiz - August 2020

I recently returned from Spain, and 3 days later the country was removed from the UK Government's travel corridor list, meaning Brits travelling to the European destination would need to quarantine for two weeks on return to the UK. Even though I arrived on home soil prior to this announcement, I spoke to my boss who agreed that it would be sensible to work from home for a few weeks.

Since then, various news reports have reported a rise in new cases of coronavirus in Spain, and it looks like another wave could be on the way. Reports also state that the country is unlikely to go into lockdown again, but will choose to do this in towns and cities faring the worst.

When I booked the August holiday, my employers were happy that I was using my annual leave at this time as many staff still have weeks and weeks to take and the worry is that there will be no-one around towards the end of 2020. This time though, the circumstances are different.

I booked the time off early last week and the next day booked the flights. A few days later I spoke to a friend who suggested that flying to a country on the UK shit list could be breach of company policy, hmmm, yeah. And so for a few days now I've been been wondering if I've just thrown a hundred quid down the toilet, and even wondered if I should just go anyway and stay home for a few weeks on return.

Today an email was sent from a director with the latest copy of the Employee Handbook, and here's what it says with regards to 'other' travel:

Staff who are planning to travel via airplane or other forms of public transport must consult local government guidance related to travel prior to their departure and again immediately upon their return...

Sounds easy enough, anything else?

...Based on government guidance, additional holidays may need to be requested if there is a requirement to self-quarantine on return. Notify your line manager and HR prior to the travel taking place if a self-quarantine is a requirement upon your return.

So, with this email fresh in everyone's inbox, today was the day to find out if I was flying anywhere or not. If i had to take two extra weeks off following the trip, no thanks.

I spent some time composing an email to my line manager, and sent it just as our daily team catch-up was ending. Less than a minute later, he video called me and said 'no problem mate, your working at home most of the time anyway and so just let HR know'.

Nice! And so as long as the flight is not cancelled (Ryanair haven't done that much so far this year compared to other airlines flying in/out of the UK), I will be heading back to the south of Spain in less than a month. And on direct flights too this time, which will save around 6 hours each way including layovers.

One month to learn some more Spanish and work on my handstands. Progress with both of these feels slow, tiring, and frustrating, but I'm sticking at them. I'm currently listening to a collection of podcasts, sometimes whilst practicing the handstands, which are progressing to my current level, which I would say is just above beginner. I've still not fully forgiven or come to terms with countries in objects have a sex, 'the' just makes so much more sense!

And the verbs, what is going on there. I went, you went, she/he went, they went, we went - easy! Yo fuí, tu fuiste, ella/él fue, Ellos fueron, Nosotras fuimos - well at least they all start with the same letter...

Anyway, that's cheered me up no end and is something to look forward to as the British summer comes to an end.

Would you travel to an 'at risk' country if your circumstances allowed it?




I would, I would take the risk if the money wasn't risky to lose hehehe

I'm glad for you that you could go on vacation, and I happen to be enjoying it.

If you need to practice Spanish I am available, I want to learn English. I was quite advanced, but I stopped practicing when I got to hive, because of time constraints.

Thank you for your publication, although I confess I missed a bit of reading between emails and job postings. Anyway, I understood the final message of the holiday.

Yo fui y tu fuiste, así que todos fuimos 😁😅 @abh12345

You seem quite advanced, far ahead of where I am!

It must take some time to write in a second language, I appreciate your comment 😁

When I’ve learned a bit more, I will visit more content written in Spanish and attempt to write myself.

gracias por el comentario!


Thank you, but I must confess that I write with the help of a good translator.

Since I discovered the translator deepl, I dare to publish in another language and take advantage of the time in other things.

thank you

That's fine :) I've heard about this translator before and can confirm it is rather good!

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'Would you travel to an 'at risk' country if your circumstances allowed it?'

Last week I came back (by car) from a 2 week holliday in Sweden. No sweat at all.
Just once the C numbers have gone up a bit there, but the msm picked that out as "proof" that Sweden had (so-called) done it wrong.
Nothing wrong in Sweden, they did actually very well.

Have another great one in Spain amigo.

I've not paid much attention to this R or C number business, and the opinion on who's doing well or not seems to have changed over time - no escape for any country I guess.

Glad you got a trip in, singing in the car to Queens greatest hits I hope!



Although Queen isn't bad, for me a bit too soft. Muse, Rammstein, Linkin Park, Primus, Faith no More etc is more my cup of tea ...

I like what I've heard from all the above, Muse have some epic work!

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I wouldn't travel now if the bans were even lifted. They can come back at any moment as I have just seen New Zealand go into full level 5 lock down from today. Just too risky being locked out and not allowed back in. Business wise I need to concentrate and make up for lost time and hoping we will be open again before Christmas but have no guarantees as yet. March - August so March to December is not that a big difference but need to make hay whilst and when we can.
Lets hope you don't get locked out.

Fair comment about being locked out, if things do go seriously down hill in the next month then I'll have to think again I guess.

New Zealand are being super cautious, prolonging the pain some might say?


I agree about being super cautious and can see them not being the last either. Shit I just wish we could have a chance and open up. So much can happen in a month so lets hope things remain open.

If they continue to lockdown as soon as a few people catch it, it will take years to get through the country?

I think balancing hospital capacity (if you have the option, some countries don't) against lockdown measures is the only solution, unless vaccine.

I think the government or part of it wants our lock down to last years as they want to cripple parts of the industry for themselves. I think open everything up and continue as normally as you can. The strong will survive and just take the precautions if you are one of the vulnerable ones.

Wouldn't rule it out. Just glad I have a job and a bit of crypto.

You are fortunate and having some crypto is more than most out there.

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That's great news, that the company you work for is so on the ball and you could clear that up. Brill!

Can't help you with the Spanish though. Tried learning it 3 times and gave up. Maybe I didn't have the right incentive. 😁

Just got back from the beach. Might as well be in Spain with all this heat. It's still 31 here and 28.5 in the house. Not fun trying to sleep in that!

The sea's the only place to be. Even I had to agree "it's lovely once you're in". In fact, it was bloody magical.

Feel free to visit any time you fancy a dip. 😍

Thanks Gillian 😁

It's turned out alright, but I guess things could change in the next month.

Fourth time lucky on the Spanish?

You live in a nice part of the country, land-locked Nottingham makes me want to escape on days like this!

Thanks for the offer, would be nice to get some Hive folk down for a day on the beach 😎


things could change in the next month

yeah. It feels like we're not really any further forward with being able to feel secure with our decisions. I'm trying to decided whether or not to book fllights to malta after Christmas but don't feel confident about it.

would be nice to get some Hive folk down for a day on the beach

yeah we kept saying we'd sort something out when we had regular Steem meet-ups but we never got around to it. 😁

I do feel very lucky to be living here. That's for sure! 😎

Keep checking the flights for a deal you can't refuse and aren't that fussed if it's canceled with money lost?

If things continue like this and crap hits the fan with regards to the housing market in the states, I'm going to be able to buy my own Island with Hive, ha!

There are already deals I can't refuse regarding flights but accommodation is a bit trickier. 😁

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Well honestly no. Am sure there's tons of fun places to visit back at home. I'm not even scared of the virus per se, but it just doesn't feel right

Fair enough. There is someone who I’d like to see, which has earned top priority of anything else ☺️

Forgot these ☺️


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Well, yes. I'm retired so two weeks of quarantine at home is just like the last two weeks :) Or close enough to it.

I speak a little 'border Spanish' but it's the Mexican border and anything I have is probably not to be understood by a REAL Spanish speaker. In fact, the world being what it is I'd probably be better off just speaking English :)

It's nice that you could work out the 'work from home' details for quarantine before you go.

Ha :) Congratulations!

I know there are differences in pronouciations, but the podcast I listen to say that you'll be understood in Spain or the Americas - and what do I know :)

I prefer working from home to be honest, especially if that home were to be 5 mins from the sea.



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Corona simply spoil everything this year..the holiday ...and the freedom...just imagine even in middle of sea and we can't take breath openly (without a mask)

I'm hoping to workaround it as above, and hopefully wont need the mask whist taking a dip next month!

It's good you can take a real vacation, come back and not need to worry about still having a job if you needed to lock down for 2 weeks, (or burn next years vacation). When this is all over, some companies will have a real solid handle on "work from home" concept, and that will benefit a lot of people.

Yes I'm certainly lucky in that regard. I'm hoping WFH becomes really popular, to the point where you can get paid in pounds and live on the Costa, for example 😬


That is one of the nice things, no commuting so it would not matter where one lived. A lot of people would delay retirement I think if they could WFH 100% with out an office to go to every now and then.

Yes I agree. I've got my eye out for 'fully remote' work, and why not do that for as long as possible if you enjoying and it brings extra funds in.

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The verbs and the verb tenses, ufa!!

My old Spanish tutor took the piss right put off me when I didn't know what conjugate a verb was. Lol

Nice win on the hols though!! :0D

I've realised my English grammar is awful and I'm constantly looking up the 'basics', like your example.

To conjugate the present tense verb into the past tense, you typically add -ed to the end. To conjugate into the future tense, you add the word "will" before the verb.

Simple. It's going to take me years to do this in Spanish!

Yeah, that's the ones. It was a sobering experience when I realised that I had no grasps on the very basics of English grammar and my Spanish teacher was better than me and he wasn't even that bright!!!

Yup, I'm going through that experience right now. My 'virtual tutor' is way better at English grammar, it's just boring and seemingly pointless until you try to learn another language.

As you will know from being over there, nothing gets your learning going than attempting to talk to the locals.

I remember so often looking lost when they machine gun talk and hitting out with the puedes hablar mas despacio, por favor? All the bloody time.

One time I thought I was getting good until the barman in the bar that I was talking to tried telling me a joke and for the life of me I just could not get it through the language barrier!!!

That's my favourite line too, although it didn't really help much in the past.

Definitely better to be forced to talk the lingo and be exposed to it - I'm working on it!

Understanding una broma (un chiste!?) though, going to take some time!


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Yes, but not with young kids in tow. I did work camps in Tunisia and Morocco when I was younger but would not travel there these days! Lucky you with another holiday. Take your EHIC card as you won’t be insured.

Yes with kids would make it a lot more stressful!

I have my EHIC just in case but hope I don’t have to use it 🏖🤞🏽

Make sure you come to Portugal too! ;)

I like what I've seen of Portugal - Lisbon, Cascais, Faro. Sometime!

@abh12345, Enjoy this Travel Time and hope that you will not going to face any Lockdown issues.

Good wishes from my side and stay blessed always.

Thank you! :)

Welcome. 🙂

 last month (edited)

You made a very wise decision wrt vacation and how you went with the new company policy. That said, even if your line manager wouldnt let you go, or required you to take 2 weeks vacation upon return due to the self quarantine, I would've gone wild! They could let you work from home for months, and then suddenly not? Glad, your manager is taking it easy and go around the rules.

Wrt the increase of number of 'infected'. I have my truth which is dramatically different to the truth pushed by all our governments. Yes, in many countries the number of infected are rising. But the truth is, that in many countries the number of tests that are executed did dramatically increase. Fact also is (at least in my country the Netherlands) the number of people dying because of COVID19 is next to nothing. This is at around zero for weeks, maybe 5 to 6 weeks already, while the rise in infected started much more than 2 weeks ago. I'm about to write an post about this which I likely publish tomorrow (will write it then as well, no time today :)) and will debunk a lot about all these figures and what science has to say.

Btw, I was on Ibiza a few weeks ago, just when they instated the rule of wearing mouth protection. The week I was there, this was luckily for my, not enforced. But really? An island that had only 1 person dying of (supposedly COVID19), was on a hard lockdown for at least two months and accepting tourist from end of June, turned to measures of mouth protection and instated a law to be able to fine private parties at the villas *that was happening left and right) up to 600k Euro to the owner or renter of the villa, and thousands of Euro to each person. All because the 1,5mtr distancing was not kept too much. But, as I'll explain in my post I'll publish soon, science shows more and more evidence, the 1,5mtr is a useless method to prevent spread of COVID19 virus. Proof is available, the aerosols are the big danger, so we shall not group together indoors, and when so, we shall make sure the room is properly aired with windows open and all. We shall not trust automatic ventilation systems, certainly not those 'green' ones since they re-circulate much more air then the older systems; Thats why they are called green, since they use less energy to heat up or cool down outside air before it is pushed indoors.

Anyway, I do hope you have a great vacation. The handstands, why not video yourself and share with us?

ps BTW, I may start learning Spanish as well. Any tips? Books? Podcast?

Yes! Sadly, I am probably in the minority, but, for Spain? Hello, yes! Won't even be crowded. I already had to go to an at-risk place, although it was an in and out.

Home is not where the heart is right at the moment. Have a great time in Spain!!!

Conjugate! Conjugate!


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