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Love your “This is Japan” posts. Resteemed.

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I’m glad to hear it. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve written one. I guess I’ve been slowly collecting some new material.

I’m pretty interested in checking out the interest on BTC platform you wrote about yesterday. I have to reread the post to see what the name of it was again.

Yeah, it’s always fascinating to me to read about different cultures and what locals get up to.
Thanks, yeah the platform is called, and I only started using their Crypto earn program recently. It’s a really convenient app, and if you’re looking to hold long term like me, it’s a good option to earn interest on crypto.

I sold most of my holdings last summer to fund a trip home. I’d like to build back up and hold long term though. Getting paid dividends to hold crypto would be amazing.

Nice, it’s always good to spend some of the crypto on real-life needs. Yeah, I’ve been putting a lot of my crypto into the app and it’s been earning pretty good interest. I’m always thinking of converting some Bitcoin into a stable USD coin like USDT or PAX when Bitcoin goes up a bit, as they pay up to 12% PA on these pegged USD coins with the Crypto Earn program, much more than a bank. That’s my plan anyway. Will see how it works out.

12% is a lot. I have to get over there and take a look.

It’s nice to be reminded that using crypto for real life expenses and treats is a good thing. Sometimes that’s easy to forget;-)