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RE: This Is Japan

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I got a pal on YouTube and all he does is film life in Japan. I am always amazed at how clean and pristine most public transportation seems. Thanks for explaining it. The guy on YT just films and never speaks lol.


Japan definitely is remarkably clean. When I went to Paris last January, I was really surprised by the amount of graffiti everywhere. It was nice and not nice at the same time. The garbage in the morning, too, was unbelievable.

What is you friend’s channel? I’m curious to see what kind of videos he is making.

SUPERGENKI is the name of his channel.

His name is Thomas.

Wow! That was a really mesmerizing video. Do you know what kind of camera he uses?

I dont know him personally but I asked him just now in a comment on his video. If I hear back, I will let you know :)

I do like his style and editing. I have never tried to do a video of just scenes and no talking. I think I will try it some time.

Ok Thomas replied it is a Sony a7.

Thanks! I want one.

His editing is really nice. I’ve never worked with video, but having watched that, really want to give it a try. I’ve been doing a fair bit of design lately, and I’m really curious as to how he edited the slow reveal of his logo over his moving images. I thought that was really cool.