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RE: Destination Review: Our Visit to Xel-Há in Quintana Roo, Mexico

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fun pictures. I'm starting to think i am one of the few people on the planet that has never owned a go pro. Can you believe that an underwater housing for a small digital camera cost like $500 in the past (at least mine was because it was rated to 50 meters and only worked for a handful of cameras)

The place looks like something i would really enjoy. I gotta get over to mexico sometime soon.

 last year (edited)

I've never bought a dedicated housing for a non-action camera for precisely that reason— they're so damn expensive! And then any I've been tempted to purchase and have fit the budget have always had sort of dicey reviews on Amazon. 😅

I definitely recommend grabbing a GoPro next time you're in the market for a travel/vacation friendly camera — it's so convenient for trips like these where you can't/don't want to lug around an actual camera (whether it's a waterproof point and shoot or inside a housing).