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barangay hall

Planning to go in a certain place means you must know what's the name of that town. It's important to have knowledge on that place. That's why your first place to know is the town's location. Of course the center of the town have the information you need to know in going in a place.

In Philippines we used to call barangay or neighbourhood. The town was divided into a small part and that's what we called barangay. Just for example the place you wanted to go is a barangay part of the town. Then you must go in the center of the town where you can learn some information you need to go. Also in the center you can have helps from them. There is the police station, health center and many more that is in the center of the town. (center of the town)

police station

Even though we trusted the people in a certain. There will be the time you'll think you're being misguided or you're being fooled. Always remember that you're a stranger in that place. That's why the only place you'll say your complains will be in the police station. They are part of the government sector who can help you with that. (beside of the barangay hall not far from it)

rural health unit

It's helpful that you'll also know the location of this health unit. What if you'll hurt while going in that certain place. It's just a mild condition that you don't need to go in hospital. Then you must know it's location where doctors and nurses can be found whatever you wanted them to check on you. (beside of the barangay hall)

health Centre

I don't know the difference between RHU and health centre. But I know they're all taking care of your health. Of course you must also know where it will be located. (beside of the covered court)

small part of the park

It's important also to know where is the park of the town located. We all know that park will be located in the center of the twon wjere many people used to stay or just to kill time. Also in the park you can see many varieties or entertainment of the town. (beside the health centre)

playground of the park and tennis court

Well this part of the park should only be known for those who have children and love to play tennis.

public toilet

If you'll visit the park and the center of the town. This is just only for emergency purposes. We never know what happens but at least we know where it is located. (back of health centre.

covered court or gymnasium

This establishment where most of the activities in town will be held here. It's important to know it's location if you want to have fun. You can experience here some concerts, seminars and any different activities in town. (at the front of brgy hall)

town’s Church

Maybe this won't be necessary since we are not all Christians. But I just thought I need to share just for some information to others who wants to be in the church. (beside of RHU)

By the way all these establishments were located in the center of the town. Our town's named is Macrohon Southern Leyte, Philippines. I'm going to put the exact location of our town. So if you want to look at it, use the travelfeed app for better searching.

thank you for reading

images are mine

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d' dreamboy,


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I think I mentioned there about the specific name of our place.

I think I mentioned
There about the specific
Name of our place.

                 - mrnightmare89

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