Desert Botanical Garden: Sonoran Wonder in Phoenix Arizona

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Oh, gardens— I love you so! And while Arizona’s Desert Botanical Garden might not have the charming formality of a traditional European-style garden, it’s gorgeous and breathtaking all the same.

Located 15 minutes from PHX and just a 20 minute Uber ride from Scottsdale, the Desert Botanical Garden is an enchanting slice of Sonoran beauty. From cacti to wildlife, to colorful flowers and fruit trees, the DBG offers eye candy for every garden lover who visits.

This past May (2019), I traveled to Arizona for a week of coworking with my team (yay, day job!). One of the perks of working for a fully remote company is that at least once a year, we alllll get together in person. This unique benefit means I’ve had the opportunity to visit some places that I may not have chosen for a trip otherwise — but I always come away with fond memories! In Arizona, we stayed at the ultra-instagrammable Hotel Adeline in Scottsdale, and during one free afternoon, I ventured to the Desert Botanical Garden for a fix of Southwestern flora and fauna.

A rare photo of just me, and showing my face, no less! Photo credit: a coworker willing to press the shutter on my camera 😅

Visiting the Desert Botanical Garden

As a member of the New York Botanical Garden back on the East Coast, I received complimentary admission to the DBG as part of the reciprocal access program through the American Horticultural Society. Entry is otherwise $24.95 per adult and $12.95 per child, and Children under 3 are admitted free. (prices as of 2019)

The grounds feature a cafe, a full-service restaurant, and a surprisingly un-kitschy gift shop. The garden also hosts delightful events throughout the year, like painting classes, art exhibitions, light shows, celebrations and more.

The Sonoran Desert

The Sonoran Desert stretches from Arizona and California in the USA down Mexico’s Baja coast and throughout the state of Sonora. Despite being a desert environment, this region boasts immense biodiversity and is home to over 1500 species of wildlife and over 2000 types of plants!

The DBG is a living homage to the Sonoran region, and visitors will find artfully designed trails thoughtfully curated with all sorts of desert-friendly trees and plants, and inhabited by native animals.

Plants, plants, and more plants

Like any good botanical garden, artistry abounds here. And for someone used to evergreens and temperate perennials, this garden, teeming with Saguaros, is a rare delight.

With countless variations of the desert rose, Saguaro cactuses affably beckoning, and succulents as far as the eye can see, the Desert Botanical Garden is a must-visit. Heading to Phoenix anytime soon? Add this to your list.

To see more photos from my visit to the Desert Botanical Garden, head to my original article, here.

Heads up!

This is a syndicated article that I originally published to my personal travel blog, Aspire to Wander. You can view the original post here: Desert Botanical Garden: Sonoran Wonder in Phoenix, Arizona

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Pretty neat gardens, and so different from what I am used to. I did take a jeep trip into The Sonoran Desert many years ago. That was quite an adventure because the jeep broke down - and it was back in the days when car phones were new and were these big clumsy things! We did get rescued, but I can hardly view a cactus plant without thinking about my adventure. LOL!


Oh my — that's an adventure indeed! I would never be able to look at a cactus the same way again 😂

Lol! It’s funny now, but it wasn’t at the time, as there was no shade. Luckily we did have plenty of water, and after climbing a hill to get reception on the clunky old phone, the driver was able to call for help. It was a long time coming, so we never did complete the tour!!

Oh jeez, the fact that you had to find service gives me all sort of anxiety! Yeahhh that would take me a while to get over LOL

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Wow. I live right next to this garden and have been a member for more than 10 years!

Ahh small world! 😄

We probably/definitely passed your house on the way there, huh?


Well I live in Mesa. It is not too far a drive and I work even closer.

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That's really awesome to work in a remote company though. I have hopes that I can work remotely in my job one day (or any job actually) as it does give a large amount of freedom to live anywhere! Hopefully with steem, that can be the case! Anyway, I digress!

I do remember going through Scottsdale one time as we stayed there for a night en route to San Diego from Grand Canyon/Monument Valley area (can't remember exactly which one of the two, will have to dig out the old journal notes)! The Desert Botanical Gardens have plants that I'd expect to see floating around, but those cacti are still pretty cool to look at! Great that you got to explore it all at no extra cost!

Hope you have had an awesome week out there meeting your fellow team mates! Happy travels :)

Darn it! I don't know how I missed this comment - but in any case -- I'm definitely planning on going back to Arizona to explore beyond the Scottsdale/Phoenix area!

As a parent of 3 and as a massive introvert, working remotely has some AMAZING benefits— but it's definitely got its downsides, and so much of employee success/morale/happiness depends on just how good the company is at anticipating and supporting employee needs. I'm proud to say our company is amazing at doing that!

I'm always down to talk remote work - maybe we can actually make use of that digital-nomads room in the TravelFeed server! 😄


Yea it makes a big difference when the company has a decent HR team and can look after you, making you feel motivated. Working towards remote working myself in the company I'm at but think it may require working in a fully remote company for that to happen! Working anywhere in the world sounds like a dream 🙂

With the progress travelfeed is making, we have something awesome to look forward to. Catch you in their Discord

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Haha I don't know how any of that stuff works but thanks a lot!

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