My trip to the ski resort Bukovel

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I really like skiing. I fell ill with it when I was a student. A separate story can be written about how I learned to ski at the student base of the Lviv Polytechnic, and maybe I will somehow do it. And now I want to describe my trip to the Bukovel ski resort in early December of the year before last.

Despite my love of skiing, before this trip, I did not go skiing for two years for various reasons, and then suddenly I had the opportunity to go to the mountains with a fun company. I did not think about the proposal to join friends for a long time, so we went to the mountains for two days.

When we left the city at four in the morning, it started to rain. We consoled ourselves with the thought that Bukovel is three hundred kilometers from here, so everything can change. And the more we drove, the less snow became around, because it was washed away by streams of rain, which sometimes turned into a downpour. Ten kilometers to the resort, it was still raining. And at the very entrance to the Bukovel Valley, the rain gave way to snow, and the thermometer showed that there was “minus one” outside the window. Hurray! - Joy was read on the face of each of us.

It is snowing in the mountains

And so we go up the lift. The weather is perfect for skiing. Rain and slush are left behind, but there is snow, mountains and fast lifts. What else is needed for skiing happiness?

We climb the lift to the top of the mountain

I just went skiing. The body remembered everything, despite the long lack of practice - all the necessary movements, how to drive and how to slow down. The descent is replaced by an ascent, everyone has fun. And around is incredible beauty. Mountains, you are amazing!

While I wason the ski lift I saw there was a lot of snow in the mountains

A place for training snowboarders

On the other side of the valley you can see the frowning peaks of the mountains. These mountains look very harsh, as if they are proudly watching human ants at their feet.

These mountains look harsh

However, there was a brief moment when a bright blue sky was visible through the clouds.

Bright blue sky is visible through the clouds

Carpathian fir trees grow near the trails. By the way, spruce forests are not natural for the Carpathians, once in past the local mountains were covered with the beech forests en masse, and spruce trees began to be planted by the Austrian-Hungarian authorities of the time of the empire, who needed timber to build ships.

Spruce forests of Bukovel

Many fir trees bent down under the weight of snow

We fly on a lift over a chalet. In the distance are also visible many more such chalets.

We are above the roofs of the chalets

It looks like a winter tale

Well, of course, you need to stop at the top of the mountain, relax and have a drink of hot mulled wine.

Mulled wine will warm you on a mountain top

After we drank a glass of mulled wine to warm up, we again skied down the mountainside, not wanting to waste a minute.

Again the wind in my ears and the feeling of crazy drive!

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