BE CAREFUL by using HIVE- Keychain: I lost 225 STEEM because of SWITCHING NODES

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When you read the headline – you will think, that i must be kind of stupid: Loosing STEEM – when using HIVE –Keychain :-P

But it´s true!

Here is the story behind:

6 days ago, i wanted to transfer from my HIVE-Wallet via Deposit function of HIVE-Engine 112 HIVE.
Post 1.PNG

Normaly a transaction to @honey-swap is generated, which „change“ your HIVE to swap.hive.

I tried it 2 times via HIVE-Keychain, which gave me an error (transaction failed). Finally on my 3. try it went trough and i got my 110 SWAP.HIVE on HIVE- Engine.
Here is the correct transaction on HIVE-Keychain; you can find it under
Post 2.PNG


Pos 3.PNG
Look at the function:


HIVE-Keychain switched the Node and put the transaction on STEEM –BLOCKCHAIN!!!

I never wanted to do this transaction and now 225 STEEM from me were lost on @honey-swap account.

Look at
Pos 4.PNG

Beside me others users had the same problem; like

I searched and talked a lot in discord forums and drop some question; but nobody can refund, because no one „seems“ to be the owner of @honey-swap account on STEEM-Blockchain.

But thanks a lot to people trying to help me in discord – Great community here and there!!!

Please mention:
I don´t want to talk bad words on people behind „the scenes“ – because of them i can use services like Hive-Engine / HIVE-Keychain : And therefore also a thank you to them;
I wanted to warn others users:
Actually be careful, when using HIVE-Keychain and doing transaction – ESPECIALLY when you had the same keys on HIVE and STEEM.

Now i´m changing my keys on HIVE, that this will never happen again.

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Thanks an greets mfblack

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Here is a lazy man suggestion. This happened to me earlier with the Hive transaction somehow causing issues with Steem transactions including posting. Here is what I did.

I started using two browsers. Steem and Steem Keychain on Google Chrome while Hive and Hive Keychain on Brave. Never faced that issue again. Now, you may argue that it is a node problem and not really dependent on browser then the question is how did a Hive command (transaction) initiate a Steem action? So, until things are fully sorted out. Follow this idea. Just a suggestion.

oh this is terrible..I need to change my keys

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Should keychain or hive engine do something ie refund you as you are using there services and it is not your fault?
Obviously they wont

There are things to be fixed asap before more people lose their credits.