Splinterlands Kickstarter Hits Goal in 2 hours!!!

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Well, just 2 hours ago I posted a link to the Splinterlands Kickstarter and it's already hit goal!!! Admittedly we set the goal for this a little on the low side since it's featuring physical products rather than focusing just on crypto and it's a giant bear market instead of a raging bull. But qualifiers aside it's still pretty awesome. Our community is amazing, and every day I figure out new levels of gratitude to the players in the game!

You can find the kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/526764488/splinterlands-untamed-a-blockchain-trading-card-game?


What is a little shocking is that the number of people it took to fill the kickstarter is under 20. We had a number of whales step up right off the bat. Pretty amazing. We designed the rewards to have a slowly increasing benefit as players pledged more. So far it seems the whales are hopping on the larger bonuses.

Less expensive pledge tiers

There's a concern that the deals aren't as good on the low end. That's tough to say. It is true the bundled price isn't quite as good, but if you're judging solely on the packs purchased you're missing a few points. This is a physical kickstarter and you're receiving limited edition printed goods. The early packs will have access to the most airdrops. So, a $2 pack now isn't the same as a $2 pack a year from now even if it is still UNTAMED!!!

First Quest- REACHED

Quest 1: Reach $10000 and 100 backers in the first 24 hours of the campaign

Quest 1 Reward: $100/week added to the tournament prize pool!

The reward says it's $10k and 100 backers, but I'll accept filling the campaign in the first 2 hours as good enough. When the campaign ends I'll add $100 to the weekly prizepool. If you guys get up to the 100 backer mark in 24 hours I'll add another $100 to the weekly prize pool.


"This is a physical kickstarter and you're receiving limited edition printed goods. The early packs will have access to the most airdrops. So, a $2 pack now isn't the same as a $2 pack a year from now even if it is still UNTAMED!!!"

If you are - like me - from Europe it's really a point the shipping costs of the items. Also if I appreciate the merchandising items I don't want to pay big amount for shipping. And especially at the lower pack shipping is much expensive comparing to the price. So f.e. by the large pack of 2500$ shipping was 60$ means 2,4% but for the 10$ pack shipping cost 10$ what means 100%.

I just found the following at the kickstarter site:
"If it turns out you're not interested in the physical swag or the bigger deals simply make an inexpensive pledge and add $2 above the pledge minimum for each booster pack you'd like to purchase."

greetings, @aggroed

I do not underestand this kick starter correct. Can you explain me, this??

Will we have to pay it in dollars??? I saw all site and i do not underestand....

Steem Monsters is unreal!! 💪👍

Splinterlands is unstopable!

If I take part in the kick starter and get packs I will automatcily take part in the airdrops?

Are the packs sold at the kickstarter counting torwards the first 100k?

Edit reading is your friends

"By offering the community UNTAMED in this Kickstarter we can make sure that everyone has an opportunity to get the cards at the same time. If we happen to sell more than 100,000 booster packs in this campaign everyone who purchased during the campaign will be eligible for the initial airdrop!"

If I just buy 1 pack I am getting the airdrop as well or is there a minimum number?

Awesome!! Any chance we can lower the places paid out on the tourneys to have higher prize payouts??

congrats, this is exciting

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Awesome stuff,

Its amazing to see the amount of USD pledges that came in so fast.

That amazing $10,000 package sold in a hurry and rightfully so.

I still would like to know why we can NOT pledge / buy simply booster packs - I do not need nor want any physical cards. Any chance this will be changed? @aggroed

Just buy them on the site for $2? @uwelang

EDIT: https://steemmonsters.com/?p=shop&tab=


done that already as well as the digital pledge one :-)

All the best to your KickStarter. Happy Friday Aggroed.

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