Cryptobrewmaster got some interesting upgrades today

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As a daily routine, I have Cryptobrewmaster on my list and I enjoy playing this game every day. I even wrote two articles in the past about this game. The first main reason why I like this game is for the graphics. I like the way the game is designed. Though it is still a drawback that we are unable to play the game on our mobile devices as the website is not mobile-friendly, it is interesting to play the game on my desktop browser. Maybe there is already a plan to release a mobile-friendly version in the future.


The game is still in alpha stages. I have been playing this game for quite some time already. This has become online in daily activities. One good thing about this gameplay is that we don't lose anything if we skip logging into the game for a day or two. That is one good thing. Another good thing about the game is that it is also not very time consuming compared to the other games we have on-chain.

Game is improving day by day

I'm able to see that the game development team is working really hard in developing the game and in taking the game to the next level. There have been few releases in the past one week but today there was an interesting upgrade in the game. The money we get by selling the Beers in the game is now referred to as CBM in the game. We now have the opportunity to withdraw that money to hive-engine.


I have not tried that option yet as there is a minimum requirement of 1000 CBM to withdraw from the account. But this would make the game more interesting as people can cash out their crypto assets and exchange it for other cryptocurrencies. Or maybe they can hold them for the long term to support the project. In the long term, I believe this game is capable of providing good passive income for the players.

Highlights from the new upgrade

From what I have observed the UX has got some changes. The game is getting ready for some additional features. The icons have been changed a bit and the animation looks good when we take the mouse over it. I also saw a teaser post from @cryptobrewmaster about the look and feel of Market place. They are still working on it.

CBM has been introduced

This is a new addition to the game starting today. Like I mentioned already in the above paragraphs, the players are now allowed to cash out their CBM tokens to the Hive Engine wallet. There is a minimum requirement of 1000 CBM to cash out. I guess there is also a cash-in facility where we can deposit CBM tokens to the game. I guess that facility should be something to do with the market place. People can probably deposit CBM tokens in the future when the market place is introduced.


Increase in the Energy

The energy refresh rate has been altered in the game I guess. When I read it in their discord, @rollie1212 mentioned that the energy restore rate is now 1 energy per hour with a maximum limit of 24 in the energy bar. That also means that after 24 is reached the energy bar won't increase in the energy unless we use if for some daily activities and let it restore. 24 energy per day should be very helpful to do the daily quests and even if we purchase BEER from the pub, the energy would be higher I believe.

Some changes to the TapList screen I guess

Unlike before I'm able to see the energy that we would get if we purchase a BEER from the bartender. I'm not sure if I noticed it earlier but this appears to be an inclusion after this upgrade. Additionally, I also see that the cost of BEER has been increased. I'm not sure if the cost is BEER specific or just a standard one but looks like it has increased from 3.04 to 6.85 now.


I guess all other options are still coming soon in the game. Introducing features like this now and then is a great thing. I would also be happy if the team comes up with an official post with these details. Official announcements are always good for the players to get the motivation to play the game regularly.

If you are new to this game or hearing it for the very first time, you can get started with my referral link. The below referral link gives you a starter pack to get started immediately for free.

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Nice job 👌

Thank you. 🙂

Lol, don’t drink too much beer 🍺😛
Rather share it with others on hive. Have a beer party🤪🤪

I thought BEER tokens were used in this game?🤔🤔

Nope BEER tokens are just a normal token that gives daily staking rewards. It is not yet bound to this game yet. But you can play this game and produce BEER. That's totally a different thing. 😉


I am a fan of the game also. The upgrades you mentioned are terrific.

By the end of the year, this game will be very powerful. That are some neat features going to be brought out.

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Yes agreed. Even though the progress is slow, the upgrades are solid as of now. It is going to be a great game soon. I also have the same excitement. Cheers!

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Thats good. 🙂

Stats every day 😉

i have also started this ge after your first post on this.
but I think we have to buy the materials every time isn't this is true or I am missing something in this.

You have to go to Bulletin board and complete daily quests to get some ingredients. After that, you can start brewing.

thanks a lot bade bhai, I have seen this option now I am using that option now.

That's nice. 👍

ya it is bade bhai thanks.

I also started today but not through your referral but through twitter actually haha.

Yes this is one of the nice passive games where you click whenever you feel like it and start to build some stuff. Liking the concept until now and curious to see where it will go once stuff is added.
@rollie1212 is making some good stuff!

Have fun and enjoy! Thanks for a shout here!

!BEER 4 u ;)

Hey @karinxxl, here is a little bit of BEER from @rollie1212 for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Ya, I'm glad that you joined. Yes the game is getting interesting. The flexibility here is that we don't have to spend too much of time and we can play whenever we have time. I'm excited about the upcoming features. 🙂