Something big might be coming to Sports Talk Social

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The sports community is something that I have always felt we didn't really take advantage of on Hive front ends. Unlike typical crypto stuff where the emphasis is on money, sports is about passion, entertainment and banter, never forget the banter.

The sports industry is a multibillion-dollar industry with numerous companies vying for lucrative attention and engagement. Even today, I'm still an avid follower of numerous Arsenal related blogs and they inspired me to create an Arsenal themed blog on Hive.

The changes on Hive-engine with the witnesses and whatnot has had a positive effect on Sportstalk. I'm not particularly sure about the changes that were done on Hive-engine but I know it made the place more decentralised and it also led to an uncharacteristic spike in the value of BEE.

Outside of the governance token, Sports token has also found itself climbing up the ladder. In the past week, I have encountered different proposals from people interested in the growth of the community.

Ads money

The proposal that's currently on my mind is this one about the advertisement and marketing campaign run by the front-=end.

The plan is to cut ties with the Hive-engine marketing arrangement and move to a new service that pays in Bitcoin. Just like Leo, this will be used to buy back tokens from the market.

I'm optimistic about the sports talk project because of the huge potential it holds. It is a place where sports lovers from all over the world can meet and make friends with crypto.

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LOL I thought they were already doing that

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I think they have some new plan to include Bitcoin into it and use that for the buyback.

They used the H-E ads but never got any money from it. So we now want to change the ad-program

That's good. and I support that

Glad to hear that! It will benefit all that hodl sports :)

They should just use Google ad manager and run multiple networks allowing them to compete for the audience! Best way to monetise! Then when you get big enough traffic numbers you an apply for premium inventory I’ve also got some connections with sports betting advertisers so if they went that route I could help

That would be pretty fucking dope. You reached out to them?

I would really want you to help STS with this, since you seems to have a lot of exp in this area. Have you tried to talk to @patrickulrich?

This is just the beginning of the big things that will happen on this end. It's a call for all to be alert and be a part of the run.

yeah I'm excited too

nice to see some Arsenal fans here. Goo gunner

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Yeah. You a Gunner too?

I am, loving Arsenal from Henry Era. Hope they will paly much better in the coming season. at least qualify for Europa League

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This is good news.

Yes it is. I hope it works out and sports keeps growing.

I kind of fell off with my sports posting when things shut down for Covid. Now that things are back up and running I am trying to be more active on there again. Outside of my Actifit posts which I actually don't even do anymore. Baseball is right around the corner and that should keep me busy (I hope).

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Yeah hopefully it works out like that. COVID affected my soccer blog too, glad to have it back.

It is definitely nice to see some sports options back on TV. I even bet on a soccer game the other day. I actually won, I was shocked.

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Nice. Was it just a lucky guess or did you check some historical data before going in to the bet?

It was a lucky guess. It was Leeds United I think.

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Was it their game against us(Arsenal)? We gave them a proper beating on Sunday.

It was over the weekend. Saturday I think.

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some work on the front end would also be nice. but i am not doing it, don't know how to do it, so i will not complain :D

If a proposal comes out, I'll be sure to alert everyone 😄