Presidential Update - We are now in the Lead! Gulag Activated!

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This morning we woke to a wonderful surprise! Notified by @bala41288's comment, we rushed to the site to see the new, fuller slate of canditates, with our name on top! We even have our announcement post pinned to our name - how clever is that!

View our Original Announcement Post Here


@r1s2g3 asks, why do only some candidates have pinned posts to their names?


The answer is that all candidates will have their dcity post's pinned to their name. If you don't see a pin, It's because these candidates don't post using the DCITY tag. I would go so far as to say any candidate without a post should not even be considered.

As the leading candidate, we thought it would be time to reveal on of our campaign plans:

Public Support of the @Homeless-City project

100% of my Presidential Salary will be used to purchase popularity buildings to donate to the @homeless-city project. This project, run by @detlev will donate the actual proceeds of the DCITY to homeless people. Currently he is requesting popularity buildings so that the over 800 homeless residents of @homeless-city can begin to be trained and educated, something that will be even more efficient under an ECO presidency.

The @homeless-City

In this spirit, we have started an economic project for the people, the proceeds of which will help to fund our future ambitions. A full 50% of the SIM income from this new project will be dedicated to accumulating resources for the @homeless-city for at least 6 months.

For your approval, we present:



Through the generation of Nuclear Power, residents at our Forced Labor Camp will produce SIM income daily. Any and all gamblers, homeless and most immigrants will be sent here to stoke the furnace these nuclear plants, and thus perhaps even assist some real person in a non-digital world.

The grueling labor of these tokens will be the benefit of all under an ECO presidency!



I kinda like the idea. Not just focusing on the tax but some initiative under your candidacy manifesto. Good luck

Thank you @ecoinstant, for using the CO2 Compensation Coin (COCO) to reduce your CO2 footprint.

Pardon me for asking this but isn't the abbreviation should be COCC or COcoco? 😁

😅 these have been options I indeed thought about when I had to create the token. COCOCO appears a bit long and COCC, well, may be misunderstood ;)

Look nice, I will vote for you.

100% of my Presidential Salary

How much salary, I thought that it is non-profit office.

I believe the first 1% of the basic tax goes to the acting president, though @gerber talked about making a stock and flow type pool, like the reward pool, so it may not be direct payment.

yep 1% from basic tax accumulating overtime in gov wallet, and 20% from the gov wallet to president

Very good, @ecoinstant for PODC 2020

Hey @ecoinstant, wish you all the best as there are a few days to run the elections.

nice one buddy!

Of course, you got my vote :)