Hive Librarian App Features Update - Where is the Money?

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Today I finished up some more features to the Hive Librarian App and deployed them. Some of them mainly have to do with the wallets and sorting a rich list based on the amounts of HP, Hive, HDB, delegations, etc. Hence, the question in the title. Let's see where the Hive money is.

Feel free to go to the App link below and play around, and see if you can find anything interesting.

What does the App do and what are the updates?

Nothing too important. It is written and deployed using Streemlit, Python, and HiveSQL on Heroku. As I am trying to learn and experiment more with capabilities of Python, Streemlit and SQL I am trying to build something useful that can be helpful in finding historical information on Hive.

First thing it does is gets Conversations between two users. Well, not really. Right now it just gets the comments one user left to other user's comments or blogs. Eventually, I plan to turn into a flow of conversations between users. So, for this section we need to input two usernames. What at first seemed like a bug, turned out to be a feature. When username for the second user is left out blank, the results will output all the posts the first user made. It is super fast to go through one users post history when all posts are open.

I have added Hive Rich List and Delegations. Hive Rich List simply sorts all Hive accounts based on selected asset like HP, Hive, HBD, Savings, and Delegations and returns selected amount of top users. Since stakes are important for governance on Hive blockchain and rewards distribution on social content, it might be useful for some to see who holds the top Hive Power. I found it interesting to see where all the liquid money is.

Delegations will show historical data on users receiving delegations and delegating to someone else. Also, it will also show the current active delegations given and received.

I added some sections like Dynamic Global Properties and Posts Search. But haven't started working on their functionality yet. So, they don't work yet. I am planning to work on them next, unless I come up with something more interesting.

If you would like to explore the code, here is the link to github.

Let me know what you think about the App. All feedbacks are welcome and appreciated. If you also have any other features you would like to see in the App, feel free to let me know in the comments. Thank You.

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Nice useful work

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Thank You @onealfa.leo @onealfa!

Finally, I got the onealfa ginormous vote! Mission accomplished. I can quit #crypto now. :)

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LUCKY ... LOL!, But on a serious note, you totally deserve it.

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I saw it needed to input two username and I experimented with a few username I know. It's a lovely piece of tool. No lags at all and I'm using mobile to access it.

Awesome! Try with the Rich List and Delegations, they are more fun.

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Its working great :) Cool new features . Keep up the good work :) It is because of you I came across heroku and built my app so thanks a ton.

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Thank You! That's the whole point, to share experiences and learn together.

Nice tool.

Any chance you can add transfers to and from exchanges for Hive - i like to only vote people who power up as a general rule, so that'd be useful!

Thank You. It is an interesting idea. Once I identify all exchange accounts it shouldn't be too complicated. I will put that in a task list. Thank you for the idea.

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And maybe an 'extraction list' instead of a rich list?

Nice work geekgirl! Is it possible to do this with Hive-engine stuff as well? E.g. See all the different tokens, delegations and rich list there? I think internal market would also be cool.

I've been getting my head around HiveSQL the last couple of weeks too and my head hurts a lot. Programming and databases are a totally different world haha

Thank You! I am not ready to plunge into Hive-Engine world, since I saw some evidence that data in Hive blockchain itself or HiveSQL won't be as accurate. This may need API or data from Hive-engine itself as well. @amr008 pointed out some instances that hive-engine token transactions recorded as double-spent kinda situations due to some bug in keychain, I believe.

Yes, internal market definitely something interesting. I hope to get there at some point.

I used to getting data directly from the blockchain using Beem too. It is great, but for some situations not fast enough. That's why I like HiveSQL due to the speed of getting data back.

I agree programming and databases are not the same. I have been wondering that whole week, when simple things just were not working on sql side lol. But combining both makes things more interesting.

I have a csv file as a reference how the HiveSQL database is structured with tables and columns. So that it is easy to figure out where what is. I wrote about it in one of my HiveSQL posts how to get that. If you need it, I will be glad to share or anything else you might need.

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Yes I've seen that tool that @amr008 has developed and it's really handy too for checking dividends! That sounds a little concerning WRT the bugs you mentioned, can see why getting data off H-E is a lot more difficult...

Haha, I had so many teething issues trying to get data from HiveSQL but I'll check your post out as I would like to run a few queries myself relating to author/comment rewards and things like that. If you have a link to it, that would be great thanks!

I am not sure if it is actually a bug or not. H-E itself works fine, just some transactions are recorded twice on Hive for some reason. I think it may be possible to use both HiveSQL and the H-E Api for more efficiency. But I haven't used the api yet. So not sure.

I use SQL within my python scripts. Here are couple posts on how to get started with HiveSQL in python.

I think for what you are trying to do, you will be using two HiveSQL tables - Comments and TxVotes.

I used to use those when I was active curating for Curie.

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When you plan to dive into Hive-engine, my request is to add to view only purchase/buy and only sell from any account like options which exclude the rest of the details about other transactions.

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Thank you. I will keep that in mind.

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I agree completely .For hive-engine we need to use API but it is not as quick as HiveSQL .

The app that I have built is an example for this , it is not as quick as Hive Librarian. As the data gets bigger , it will further slow down (right now I am using csv whereever possible )

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This is super cool. I tried it and it works beautifully. Thanks for the hard work :)

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Thank You!

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you changed the look of it. my personal feeling from what i remember how it looked like :) i think i liked it more before. something feels off (in colors, shapes, not sure)

and a crazy thing is, i am 816 on the rich list (feels weird)

now looking, it is not that bad on the longer posts/comments, and maybe the widens of my monitor gets me the weird feeling. colors are still off for me.

I agree I need to change the styles again. I will be changing those colors and shapes soon and hopefully come up with something that makes reading easier.

816?! Nice! You are rich!

Thank you.

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Really cool tool, going to bookmark it :)

Thank you.

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seems useful. I didnt know about this app before this day. will try it.

Thank You.

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You are doing decent work. I will definitely try this out.

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Great. Thanks.

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@tipu curate

Good to see that:)

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Brilliant build. I'll have to read more about the project. Hopefully it would be something interesting and valueful. Cheers.

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Is it a commenting tool only that it is using blockchain technology?

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