scotbot: sending out token rewards is protected by manual review and new claiming token API

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When the amount of token that can be claimed is above the daily pool size, it will be hold until a manual review is done. This protects the scot tribes and prevent issuing accidentally more token than the pool contains.

The payout threshold can be modified by the token owners. Let me know, when I should change the manual review threshold. At the moment, the threshold is set to the token amount that is added daily to the pool.

New Api endpoint for check pending claims

The following endpoint returns all my pending claims:

and this call returns the pending claims for LEO

Result of a token claim:

and after the token are issued but not confirmed:

and when the transaction could be confimed, it is removed from the api output:

A pending claim is shown when the scot_claim_token custom_json was send out and no token were issued yet. When the token could successfully be sent, the entry is removed again from the api output.

This API could be used to show the user that the token are being processed.

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!trdo you get some!

Sorry, @ali-h, You can not reward TRDO Tokens, You must have atleast 1000 TRDO tokens to distribute.

"Call TRDO, Your Comment Worth Something!"

To view or trade TRDO go to
Token distribution bot developed by @ali-h

Holger, my man, always busy! :D

I just got into this tribe thing recently and so far I'm liking it. Good for you for spotting the potential right at the beggining.