Wednesday Walk | Dried goods store near my home

It's been a while since I last had a real sight seeing walkabout. Maybe it's the laziness or the fact that it's so humid and hot outdoors or I'm just getting too comfy with my apartment. Then again, one of my colleagues told me recently that I seemed to have put on weight since I joined the company. That's was sad news for me since I've been trying hard to reduce. Even with all the exercise that I've been doing, it didn't seemed to have made any improvement on trimming down the fats nor reducing my weight.

I knew I had to do more walking and jogging; not just on the weekend but also during the weekdays. That's what I'm trying to do. Or at least I'm telling myself I need to do.


Since, grocery shopping is one of my now favorite things to do; it seems only right to take lots of photos of stores. And this particular store caught my interest. The dried good displayed outside the store was arranged for passerby like me. There were food stuff ranging from cookies to noodles to spices to canned food. Some I recognised while others are just very foreign to me.


On the floor itself are displays of fresh vegetables which one can also purchase. It's interesting to see how such stores are indeed a common sight in Vietnam; at least in the outskirt areas of Saigon. Locals rely on these stores to get their daily dried provisions because large supermarkets are hard to find and it isn't in their nature to go to such supermarkets for grocery shopping. They prefer to just walk down the street and buy provisions in small portions; enough to cook the meal for the day. I realised that it's mainly because many of them do not even have a fridge or the space to store provisions in their homes. As such, they have to buy their provisions daily and cook it completely.


Isn't this a good sight to enjoy during a walkabout. Not the usual exercise I was expecting but at least it gets me out of the house and the window shopping made me walk and sweat 😆 I really have to make more effort to jog or at least walk more. I hate it when someone tells me I've gained weight.

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Both my dog and I are becoming well... dumplings with lock down still not allowing us to get to parks and beaches.

I totally relate to not enjoying shopping, then you have to cook it, planned run once a week to get fresh vegetables from local little store, then big shop at main store for dry and whatever is planned ahead.

Seldom take photographs to me both are chores...

Don't let people affect you with negative comments, keep healthy and happy that is more important than allowing people inside your head.

Wishing you a wonderful day and thanks for taking us along on your walk.


Thanks so much @joanstewart
I do try not to allow comments from others affect me.
Having said that I do believe that I need to exercise more; for my own benefit and not others

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Grocery shopping is one of my favourite thing to do, but my problem is I always ended up buying so many things which actually not necessary. Also, I buy a lot of dry foods as well.
Most of the time I do weekly shopping...
Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

I know what you mean. Sometimes I tend to buy more than what I can cook or eat.
Somehow, I feel if I'm spending on food it justifies it .. ha ha
I do end up throwing some vegetables if I can finish it fast enough, which is really bad
Now, I try very hard to buy what I really need and bring less cash whenever I do marketing

All those Vietnamese junk food snacks are a familiar site from Cambodia. Diabetes is more prevalent in villages that have only these shops and not a proper fruit and veg market. Thanks for sharing @ireenchew.

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Your store looks so much like the Philippines! 😍 Yes, it's nice to walk and break some sweat from time to time. It's very good for our body. 😊

I think these stores are common is most SEA countries or at least in most urban cities.
I find these stores are more interesting to visit and explore as compared to those in the supermarkets

Hahaha! 😂 I agree. They pretty have everything! 😂