My presentation for the ladies of Hive.!

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Hello ladies of Hive. My name is Jhovanna. I am 26 years old and I am from Venezuela.

I enjoy learning something new every day, I like reading, meeting people, listening to music and dancing.

I characterize myself as a woman capable of accepting challenges in order to fulfill my goals. And that's how we women are, fighters, persistent and dreamers.

I decided to enter your community thanks to the suggestion of my sister @carmenm20 who has taught me how to make my publications, I only have 3 days in the community of Hive.

Hoping every day to learn more and be able to make publications that are of great interest.


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Thank you! Willing to meet the following objective

Looking forward to seeing you reach it! 👍🙂

This is a very intelligent young lady, full of great goals. She has big dreams, and I know she will fulfill them.
@jhovanna is my sister @thekittygirl
I told her about the Ladies of the hive community and I don't hesitate to participate in it, as she likes the idea of women having a space of free expression where we can support each other and learn from each other.
Thanks for everything and more

Thank you for your support sister 😘

Welcome to Ladies of Hive @jhovanna ,here to empower one another and I wish you success here on the Hive platform.
I look forward to discover more about you.

Thank you for your welcome and support! Soon I will be showing you a little more of me.

Welcome to #ladiesofhive @jhovanna! You have embarked on a wonderful adventure and will meet so many interesting people! Enjoy your time here and write about anything you are passionate about.

Take care!💜

Thank you for your welcome! I hope to meet many people during this adventure and show them a little bit of me.
Take care 😘

You as well! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!💜

Welcome to Hive
Have a great journey here
Happy weekend
#ctp is an awesome community

A little Gift:
Hit to Learn & Earn

Happy weekend! Thank you!
I will be visiting that community.!

Look forward to it, thank you!

Welcome dear. I hope you will have a great hive ride and the LOH aswell as the terminal can help you

Thank you! I hope to receive help to be able to have more fluidity in the platform.

Well dear we can help and there are many on the platform aswell with a lot of knowledge. In the terminal we also have a room #questions-to-answers maybe that will be of help aswell

Hello !!!
Welcome to Hive.
Hope you have a amazing experience on this platform.
Have a great day ahead.

Thanks you, I hope to have many experiences.

Hello there @Jhovanna, so lovely to meet you!
And what a great intro post that you wrote for us.

My name is ChocolateScorpi but sometimes people call me Leesa! 😀

welcome to the Hive and I have upvoted you post and shared it on my blog tonight to welcome you in.

I look forward to speaking with you soon. 😊

In the mean time, take care and be well.

You also might want to get into this learners guide too. I am watching it now cause there's so much to just in case here it is.

Thank you for your welcome and support which is very valuable to me! I will be reading the guide to understand a little more!
I also hope to talk to you soon. 😉

Usted es más que bienvenido. ¡Qué bueno tenerte aquí! 😀

Además, la guía está en un powerpoint de video mucho más fácil que tener que leerla, además @JonGOlson y @BlaineJones son los 2 tipos que la crearon y la han desglosado y simplificado también, por lo que es mucho más fácil de entender. ¡Son mis héroes!

You are more than welcome. So lovely to have you here!

Also the guide is on a video powerpoint so much easier than having to read it, plus @JonGOlson and @BlaineJones are the 2 guys that created it and they have broken it down and simplified it too, so it's soooo much easier to understand...They are my heroes!

Welcome @jhovanna to Hive and to the Ladies of Hive! Have fun finding your way around here and I'm glad you have your sister to help you find your way! 😘

Thank you for the welcome and for your comment 😘

Thank you for the welcome and for your comment 😘

Nice, pretty cool post

Thank you so much!

You are welcome

Bienvenida 😊. Mis mejores deseos en tu trayecto por la plataforma.

Gracias por tus buenos deseos😉

Bienvenida a Hive, ya verás que vas a pasar unos momentos inolvidables!

Gracias...definitivamente una plataforma muy interesante.!

You are the first to complete the challenge I posted to the LadiesOfHive discord, so you have earned 5 HIVE for yourself and another 5 HIVE for your sister! Thanks for joining the community! 🤗

How nice to have completed the challenge! Thank you 🤗

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

You have been curated on behalf of Inner Blocks: a community encouraging first hand content, and each individual living their best life. Come join the Inner Blocks Community , and check out @innerblocks! #lifehappening

Welcome to the Ladies of Hive!

Thank you very much for your welcome.!