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Your Top 3 Monthly Contest July 2020 - Who Are Your Favourite Lead Singers?


Here we are in July. Another month of Your Top 3. Don't know what Your Top 3 is? Well, it's a monthly contest where you're asked to choose three items on different topics presented each months, then create a post listing the three nominations and explaining the reasons for your choices. For July, we're asked to present our three favorite Lead Singers.

My Nominations are:

Nomination Number One


My Reasons for the Nomination

Image from Biography.com

Everyone has heard about the incredible singing career of the talented Diana Ross. But did you know that she was not always a solo artist? She was part of the multi-talented American all female singing group for Motown Records in the 1960s. And yes, I listened to every song when I was old enough to understand music. Their music genres were Rhythm and Blues, Soul, Pop, and Disco.

The singing group was named "The Supremes". The original members of the group were: Mary Wilson (who later became a talent in her own right), Florence Ballard, Betty McGlown, and Diana. Their start was in Detroit, Michigan. During that time, numerous singing groups and talented songwriters and musicians originated in Detroit or were born there. Since the city was also known for its car manufacturing plant, the name "Motor City" became popular. From that, the name of the record label that became famous for producing African-American talent was named Motown.1

I remember also watching the Ed Sullivan Show in which The Supremes were guests. The music industry quickly realized that Diana Ross was the star and should be lead singer of the group.

The group then became known as ""Diana Ross and The Supremes". With Diana at the helm, The Supremes rose to stardom. The group landed twelve number one singles.

12 Number #1 Singles:

  • Someday We'll Be Together
  • Stop! In The Name Of Love
  • Love Child
  • Reflections
  • You Keep Me Hangin' On
  • Where Did Our Love Go
  • Come See About Me
  • Can't Hurry Love
  • Baby Love
  • Back In My Arms Again
  • The Happening
  • Love Is Here And Now You're Gone

Below is official video of the song "Some Day We'll be Together", Diana's last Number One Single with the group.

Official Music Video for Diana Ross and the Supremes from Youtube

Image by JGKlein from Wikipedia

Diana Ross would eventually break away from the group and go solo in 1970, becoming an even bigger musical star. But she will always be remembered as the lead singer of The Supremes.

In 1988, Diana Ross was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as part of The Supremes.

To date, the group The Supremes is still considered the equal of The Beatles in terms of popularity. They earned a Star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. Diana is still alive and well.

Nomination Number Two


My Reasons for the Nomination

Not all musicians, musical groups, banks, and lead singers live a glorious, polished life, following a straight and narrow path. After all, they are just human being, men and women with different personalities, strengths, and weaknesses, as we have. But their musical talent is non-the-less recognized and appreciated by all. Such was the life of Davis (David) Ruffin.

Image from Biography.com

David was an American soul singer who began his writing career as a teenager. He left home at age 13 to become a minister. But his love of music took him to Memphis, Tennessee where he wrote songs and sang in talent shows. He was extremely talented, had a raspy voice, and an outgoing personality. By the time he was 17, David had caught the attention of Berry Gordy of Motown Records.

I grew up listening to the music of The Temptations and followed the history of the group. The Temptations had a slow start in their climb to fame. The original group consisted of Eddie Kendricks, Melvin Franklin, Elbridge Bryant, Otis Williams, and Paul Williams. Bryant's departure from the group in 1963 opened the door for David to step in and become the lead singer.

In 1965, David Ruffin, with the beautifully choreographed performances, were the best of any singing groups of the era with these hits songs:

  • I Wish It Would Rain
  • My Girl
  • Ain't Too Proud to Beg
  • Beauty is Only Skin Deep

The group appeared on American Bandstand and The Ed Sullivan Show, and appeared internationally as well. Just to give you a glimpse of David's unique voice, stage persona, and the group's seemingly effortless dance moves that propelled them to the top of the list in terms of male vocal groups, below are two of the group's music videos in which they perform their number 1 hit hit songs:

Music Video for the hit single "I Wish It Would Rain":

Official Music VideoThe Temptations from Youtube

Music Video below for "My Girl:

Official Music VideoThe Temptations from Youtube

In 1989, David Ruffin, together with five other members of the Temptations, were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Two years later he died of a drug overdose. He was ranked as one of the 100 Greatest Singers of all Times by Rolling Stones Magazine in 2008.3

Nomination Number Three


My Reasons for the Nomination

Image from Biography.com

Grace Slick is an American songwriter and singer. She has an amazing voice. I love Rock and Roll, and I especially like all female rock and roll musicians. Grace is from California. She actually formed her own group in 1965. When her group folded in 1966, she caught the attention of Jefferson Airplane and The Grateful Dead.4

She was asked to join Jefferson Airplane, the group who was also based in California during the 60s. The group was categorized as "psychedelic rock". They recruited Grace because they felt she possessed a powerful voice and knew she'd be an excellent addition to their psychedelic sound. They were right. With Grace leading the group, Jefferson Airplane was the first to achieve international success due to their appearances at Woodstock and other international music festivals.

In 1967 Jefferson Airplane's album, Surrealistic Pillow, ranked as the most influential recording during the "Summer of Love". Two songs from that album, Somebody to Love and White Rabbit are among Rolling Stone's "500 Greatest Songs of All Time." 5

Grace wrote the song White Rabbit, one of Jefferson Airplane's greatest hits. She also co-wrote Somebody to Love. If you haven't heard of Grace Slick, Jefferson Airplane, or those two songs, here are the music videos for both, as I feel you'll get a sense of her amazing talent as a singer.

Official video for Somebody to Love

Official music video for Somebody to Love from YouTube

Official video for White Rabbit

Official music video for White Rabbit from YouTube

Grace and other members of Jefferson Airplane were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996.5 She is still alive and well.

I hope you like my three Lead singers presented here, their backgrounds with each of their respective groups, and their music.

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Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever your endeavors.


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2"Meet The Temptations." Wikipedia.Org
3"David Ruffin." Wikipedia.Org
4"Biography of Grace Slick." Biography.com
5 "Jefferson Airplane." Wikipedia.Org






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Your post has reminded me of my school days. Even though I was more into rock music, a lot of my friends loved soul. Now I'm a lot older, it is music I listen to late at night. I drift off to the Drifters! 😊

I loved it all, except country. Oh my word, the Drifters; Well, how about The Dramatics (I Can't Get Over You & I Wanna go Outside in the Rain); Four Tops; Spinners; Sam and Dave; The Delfonics; Chi-Lites; The Miracles; The Dells; I had so many artists and bands, but I had to narrow them down.

I hate to do anything concerning music because it's now in my mind playing repeatedly until something else comes along. I can't get rid of it.

But I loved Rock; and especially my all time favorite here. Get ready:

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoyed the engagement. See you soon.

Don't forget to vote in the dpoll for your Top 3 when the post comes out.

Excellent choices! Phew, this an interesting contest...

Hello. I think so, and thank you for agreeing. However, when it goes to dpoll, it's anyone's guess what the Hiveans will think. My mom always said, one person's trash is another person's treasure. Let's hope my choices are treasures, lol

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my lengthy top 3 choices. I end to be long winded. I keep promises my self I'll keep it to 500 words or less. Well, it's 3rd quarter...

Take care.

Listen, you're talking to the queen of the long wind, so need to apologise. And I agree with your mama and will bastardise another saying: it's also in the ear of the hearer! LOL.

I suspect it's also generational!

Let's see how things unfold. 😃

Yes, let's. This one will the interesting. Thanks.

A fantastic post, once again, @justclickindiva

Your post is taking me back to my childhood for sure. My mother and father would have been vying for music time on the record player.

On one hand, my mum was belting out Motown, Supremes, Temptations, The Commodores, any ballads at the time, and also Diana's solo stuff.

My dad on the other hand would have been playing The Moody Blues, The Rolling Stones, Canned Heat, Pink Floyd and Meat Loaf, among others.

Even though my go-to is Rock, I like to think my musical taste is pretty varied, probably based on the battle of the bands going on in my house! 😁 Motown definitely chills me out and brings back happy memories. I remember mum playing this mashup of My Girl/My Guy over and over.


White Rabbit is a classic track. Grace Slicks hauntingly melodic voice is outstanding. My father was a fan, for sure but it stopped at Jefferson Airplane. He didn't like the later incarnations.

Wonder music and great lead singers, @justclickindiva

Good luck with the contest.


WOW...I just can't believe I managed to bring out the oldies from the closet. Who would have ever thought. You know, music is universal no matter who you are. It's the glue that binds and weaves through out minds until it's sounds make you forget who the artists are and you're left with that indescribable feeling that calms and uplifts.

It's funny you say that about the battle of the music because my mom was the one who would literally run us out of the house is we changed the record player. How about this: Sam Cooke; Bobby Womack (he married Sam's wife after Sam was killed in a plane crash, I believe); B.B. King and his Lucille; Big Joe Turner; Howlin Wolf (her all-time favorite); Bobby (Blues) Bland; Brook Benton; Muddy Waters; Willie Dixon, and CCR. She didn't care. She loved them all. I credit her for our variety in music. And I also credit her for our dislike of Country. She couldn't stand it.

My dad, well. He loved my mom, lol.

Talk about Rock. I love it through and through. Especially female rock stars. Did you see Joan Jett above in my other comment? And her other remake from Tommy, Crimson and Clover. Classic stuff. and how about Steppin-Wolf?

Do you know that I still have some 33s. Yep, with the yellow disks.

Thanks for stopping in and viewing my selections.

Hey, it’s Q again - the mascot of the Your Top 3 Contest! Just swinging by to say thanks for sending over your entry fee, and I've added you in with your nominations now!

Good luck and keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming dpoll on the 19th where we put it to the public vote and let the Hive community decide their top 3 :)

Your Top 3 Contest Mascot

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You're welcome. Hope everyone else is as hyped on my top 3 lead singers as I am. Good luck to me. Appreciate you stopping by to let me know my entries will be included.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 13 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks so much for the rehive. Appreciate the exposure.

Funny, I know some of David Ruffin's music, but hadn't heard his name until this post by you. Thank you teacher!

He left the Temptations and went out on his own with the song, "My Whole World Ended the Moment You Left Me."

Also, his brother Jimmy Ruffin was an accomplished singer. But he was more of a songwriter.

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Awesome choices yet again! So happy to see Motown represented. Diana is a straight up goddess of entertainment, so she definitely deserves a chance at taking home top spot in the polls. I didn't grow up with as much of her music, or The Temptations, at home as a kid, but came upon it later and always enjoy those classic hits. One of my clients always jokes he stopped listening to new music after the 60's. I tell him that's not a bad place to stop. Oh man, my mom would be mad at me that I forgot about Grace Slick. Another rock queen. So many great choices this month. It will make for an interesting dpoll!

Wow, you know about them. So happy to hear. I was a bit fretful that no one would have heard about them. But they're my choices of who I like, so that's all that matter. Even if dpoll doesn't agree, lol. I still have Grace's 2 songs in my mind. Woke up with them. I stopped listening to music in the late 70s. I wanted to do CCR, but Grace won out. You know what, the oldest stuff is the best. That was when music was real music. The singers had something to say. They expressed it in lyrics you would understand.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my music choices. I just love those make and female groups of old. I listen to them almost everyday while on line with my Itunes. Take care the rest of your week.

Great top 3 @justclickindiva I love your selection.
I will participate in this contest because I love the music of my time. Thanks for sharing.

Hi @isabelpena. Participating in the Top 3 Contest involves other things, not just publishing a post. You have to read the Rules of this particular contest in the contest owner's post.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my top 3 nominations.

ok. Thank you for the advise, I will read.

Yes @justclickindiva! Great to see you back for another round - thanks for another blog masterpiece!

Motown is so timeless! My parents, like @cheese4ead's, would be blasting their music out on repeat and it stuck. So many iconic tunes from them and Diana's sublime vocals!

I hadn't come across David Ruffin before but enjoyed that summery number you shared but what a voice!

Ha, I've finally found the original of a tune that had been remixed (badly) with your third choice - Somebody to Love. My mum is singing along whilst I play this on my speakers - definitely in her element and she would give you the vote if she was on Hive haha - already a winner in her book 😃

Good luck in the contest!