What dApps Do You Want On Hive?

in Ask the Hivelast year

By now, most of us have heard the wonderful news that @splinterlands is coming to Hive! I hope others will follow! Personally, I’d love to see @appics make the move to Hive! It’s pretty much the only reason I post on Steem!


What Steem application would you like to see on Hive?


The one that is in works: @dapplr. I've been waiting for a great mobile app fot sometime.

Appics would be cool..But I'm pretty excited to see what Dapplr has planned :)

To be honest....Nothing left on Steem other than Appics intrigues me.

I think we got the best of the best here or moving here very shortly!

Facebook :P

I've never used appics, since im not keen on downloading testflight to use an app that's been going for like 3 years. I think HIVE's already stripped STEEM Bare, lol not much left to take to be honest