Photo Filters And Effects Contest Week 4

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Okee Dokee, for the fun of it and the pleasure of the two awesome steemians @bliss11 and @drakernoise, here my filtered photo for the Photo Filters And Effects Contest.

The How-To of this contest

1. Take a photo (Photo must be your original work) 
   and use any filter or effects of your choice.  

2. Write a short post with your artwork plus the original photo 
   to see the before/after and write on what inspired the effects 
   you used and how it turned out. 

3. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun...

4. Please put your post link in the comment section.

5. Upvote and rehive are appreciated.

6. Deadline ~ post payout day


Jack The Red On A Cloud:





The choice of this picture was made especially to challenge me in the discovery of the filter section on GIMP... To the picture itself:

I'm often outside for "pêche à pied", fishing on foot as you say in french, lots of yummy seafood you can find on low tide... That time it was the Bigorneaux on the menu and sometimes you can find these baby hermit crabs, living in the shell of a sea snail...

Anyway, sane and sound days to you all. Good luck on this funny contest.

Peace Love and Grooviness

Dan "The Dude" Mondoshawan

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What a great result! Gimp has so many fun things it can do, and I think you've really hit on something cool here.

Thanks Man, you passing by and your comment is much appreciated!

This is a beautiful one here, I like the effect...looks like art lol. I also like how the red crab stands out with it's colour despite the effect used. A nice surprise I must say hahaha...thank you for joining in the fun @mondoshawan. 🤗

Big pleasure my friend!

I love those Bigorneaux, one of my preferred seafood out there. Here they are known as "bigaros" normally and I can't stop eating them once started 😂
Your photo editing job is great, rather catchy coloured... Hilarious the "ermitaño" ( here in Spain) crank on the front 🤣
Thanks so much for coming again with a very original "duded" entry.
Best waves over there 🤗🤗♥️

Hehe... pleasure BroSir! Want be the last one, i guess. Your contest is kind of addictive. hehe. And I agree about the sea snails... this is awesome and super healthy food!

I love that red crabbie and the art is superb!!! Thats what photo edit is all about. Great job and for the record dit you ate the poor little creature from the little mermaid?

Only for the record: No! He went back to the sea...

Ok so i can safely watch the movie again hahahaha

I just love it, looks like a painting! Nice one @mondoshawan!
How are things in your neck of the woods with this horrid Covid19?
We're currently in Lockdown for 3 weeks, not good for the pocket but I believe it should be a tad longer for it to be effective!

No worries my friend, they will prolong it for sure! Here it was for three weeks and this week they decided to make the house arrest implied until beginning of May... The Propaganda Machine is at it's full speed! 😧

I send you much energy and positivity. BTW have you seen the new contest by intrepidsurfer?! Hope to see you there sometime my Queen of Sandwiteers! hehe