The People of Neoxian City - Day 7 @bala41288 / Bala The Hacker

You know, today I was going to do our beloved bee, but she calls me Sir, and she's always super nice and courteous to me, and well, I'd rather dedicate today to our very own Mr Hacker, or Bala for short. I like Bala, and I expect he enjoys a bit of a laugh at himself (I hope) because I haven't written about him before.

We'll start off with an idea of who Bala is, so this is Bala here trying to cover up his ever thinning hairline:

@bala41288 recently married a really nice woman who apparently doesn't mind that he's getting old, grey and bald.

Bala is enjoying married life, and can often be found not discording anymore. In fact Bala has now found the pleasures of what being married to a lovely women is like. We will have to wait until he figures out that he can tell her that "he has to work" when he's actually coming and speaking to us

That time will come.


Name: Bala The Hacker / @bala41288

Aliases: Baldy, Bala, Mr hacker

Age: No-one knows this. His age is a highly prized secret, and we don't know whether he's 3000, or 20. This is his first marriage, so he's either a 2999 year old virgin, or one really lucky guy.

Nationality: Indian

Occupation: One would think a hacker complete with hoody and stereotypical earphones, but he's actually a very reputable developer.

Likes: His wife. Learning English. Mixing with us crud lot.

Dislikes: Time away from the comput.... er, (shouts in background) sorry honey!! I mean Discord. I dislike Discord.

Most Distinguishable trait: Bala is actually a superbly polite young man (or ancient), and you can tell this in the manner of which he speaks to you. You'll just know when the time comes.

Early Years

There are several long standing myths and lore's depicting bala as an ancient demon that devours our souls with one look, but this is offset when you actually meet him and his manner is to destroy you with kindness. This could actually be why he is rumoured to be a 2999 year old virgin, but to have gone that long without the pleasures of a woman I could only but imagine him as a very angry man, to which he is not.

So I'm going with Lucky Man, with a bit of a baldness complexion that his wife doesn't mind at all.

It is rumoured that bala took elecution lessons in his youth, a kindness program in his late teens, and a Mr stud muffin booster program in his 20's, to which it has worked out very well. And to which you can find him on our discord, passively magnetic, with a kindness that can slay any discord woman in a 50 mile radius.

Discord Years

Late one evening Bala was being polite as usual to everyone that he met, and he accidentally stumbled across Lord @neoxian, to which he was eagerly invited into the Neoxian City discord. It wasn't long before his quick code, and respect for othe arned him a top spot amongst the big dawgs @reazuliqbal and @zaku. There was a power struggle in the beginning, where both brothers did not like the idea of Bala stealing their top spot, but after some quick one-eye'd digging with @reazuliqbal's meta-eye they found out bala would just kill them with kindness.

So they gave up. They knew all to well the power of kindness, and decided not to fight it.

So now Bala sits up there, in red, amongst the two brothers, on the right side of Lord @neoxian, ready to defend the throne of Neox at all costs, and to, as you say, kill attackers with pleasantry and niceness.

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