North of NYC: Ashokan Reservoir (Featuring Drone Photography)

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Since the early 20th century, Ashokan Reservoir has provided New York City residents with crystal-clean, pristine, mountain-made water. A veritable feat of engineering, the reservoir took roughly eight years to complete. The water from Ashokan Reservoir travels over 90 miles through a series of tunnels, aqueducts, and another two reservoirs, before reaching NYC.


Heads up! This post is syndicated from my personal blog, Aspire to Wander. You can read the original and see more photos here: North of NYC: Ashokan Reservoir


As beautiful as it is, under the sheen of Ashokan Reservoir’s peaceful resplendence lies a complicated slice of 20th Century Catskills history. Once upon a time, the area where the reservoir now stands was home to a few thousand. In total, twelve communities were affected by the controversial Eminent Domain situation brought about by the construction of the reservoir. Eight of the area hamlets relocated. Four of these small Upstate districts were lost to history, their residents ushered out, and the land flooded as part of the construction.


Despite its complex past, many of us North of NYC take pride in the reservoir and the surrounding protected lands. Nowadays, the closed-to-traffic causeway is a popular place for strolling, cycling, and general marveling at the confluence of nature with human-made.


The history is a touch sordid, but a hundred years later, most have forgotten, or just never learned about those origins. Either way, damn do those sunsets look good.


For more info about Ashokan Reservoir:

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For the original post on my blog and to see more photos, head here: North of NYC: Ashokan Reservoir

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Thank you, @choogirl! :)

That place looks absolutely stunning! And huge! We have a city reservoir here which took a couple years to complete, not nearly that nice. It's incredible what we can engineer when we put our minds to it. It's awesome that it was able to be so beautiful.

It really is! Aqueducts, bridges, reservoirs, etc — they're all so impressive, no matter how small— and meanwhile it can take FOREVER to get a pothole fixed, amirite? 😅

Hahaha! Maybe the idea is to just let it fill with water and call it a reservoir! :)

I think that might at least work to get the local gov't attention so that they fix the damn potholes. 😂

That's some amazing pictures! Love it :))

Thank you, @worldcapture. :)

When people think of New York, mostly they just think of NYC. I'm one of those people as I have only ever been to one other part of the state and it was for work.

As far as the photography is concerned... i love the cloud cover, that was lucky!

If you have a chance to in the future, definitely spend some time exploring North (or East) of NYC! The city's great and all, but there's lots more to our state. 😄

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