Beach Spider Lili And Its Symbolism

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Good evening dear Hivers 🌃

Tonight I'll close today's post by sharing with you this beautiful and aromatic flower, I think it is the most delicious flower I have smelled of in my life.


The scientific name of this plant is Hymenocallis caribaea and it is native to tropical countries such as Peru, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Venezuela, and Belize among others. In the Spanish language is well known as "Lirio araña".


The meaning will always depend on the culture, however, there are points of agreement between them.

Lilies in general are associated with femininity, fertility, love, purity, and moment of transition. According to their color, you can also interpret a different meaning.

White lilies are symbols of purity and innocence. Bouquets of white lilies are used to express good intentions and good wishes towards the recipient.

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Beautiful photography indeed thanksa lot for sharing

Always a pleasure to share content.
Thank you so much 💫

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