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RE: Introducing LeoInfra V1: MetaMask Onboarding for Hive Blockchain Accounts

in LeoFinance3 months ago

Very nice to see the pace of new feature implementation continuing on, in the face of the recent WLEO hack set-back @leofinance. The objectives stated are very clear and you should be supported across the Hive blockchain, for the remarkable innovation and progress that has been demonstrated. As you say, it demonstrates to the broader Hive blockchain what is possible, while only "scratching the surface" ... 🦁

That said, still "licking my wounds" from the WLEO hack, I have immediate questions about LeoInfra:

"As the name suggests, LeoInfra is a very backend-heavy update."

"Over time, we’re going to build out the database of LeoInfra ..."


  1. Where is the server(s) for this database and how secure is it?
  2. For a new Hive blockchain / LeoFinance community member, via their new Metamask account, where are their all-important Hive keys being stored? And how secure are they, until they can figure out what those even are and ensure they have been adequately backed up, etc.?
  3. Does the Metamask sign-in “Signature Request” transaction result in an ETH fee each time? I am unaware of any possibility of getting around the obvious answer being “yes,” but maybe LeoFinance has discovered some method of doing so, which is opportunity for me to learn something.

I trust you will not mind me asking these questions, particularly the ones related to security. I would encourage you to give serious thought to covering this in depth. Both perhaps in a separate post and as a standard feature of future posts.

Looking forward to future posts, with this functionality now "live," to seeing what kind of traffic this generates from what will hopefully prove to be a whole new "generation" of Hive / LeoFinance community members. 👍

P.S. At the time this was written, was not allowing me to post this comment.