EcoTrain Question Of The Week #19: What are you addicted to and how does it help or hinder you?

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I am writing this post for the question of @ecotrain community.


What are you addicted to and how does it help or hinder you?

I was addicted to my phone before, I take it everywhere, even in the bathroom. My eyes glued into the screen most of the day, especially my early beginnings in Steemit. It’s hard to put it down, I was craving it like a food. I missed a lot of things that I needed to do like cooking, house chores and playing with my child. I sleep really late, browsing Steemit and wasting time in facebook or watching youtube videos.

I began to suffer, my child suffered and my husband. It was not nice when me and my husband quarrelled many times because I am always on my phone, begging me to put down my phone and talk to him or invite me for a stroll outside. I feel so bad as a mother when my child hands me his toy and asks me to play with him or read him a book, and I just carry on doing my stuff.


I also started feeling differently, inside and outside my body. My eyes were blurry, I began to stutter with my words and became impatient. I became a strong critic of my body that I avoid going out. I feel sadder each day. And all because of sleeping late with my phone and hindering my duty as a mother, a wife and as a person.

Most of all, I forgot my grateful morning prayers and my bedtime prayer, I felt so guilty.

Then one day, I came across one post from steemit, I forgot the username but it wrote similar to this, It is beautiful to connect with like minded people, But do not forget that there is so much more to life than to write a post, Spend time with your most favorite people in the world.


I realised all I have done to my first child, to me and to my husband. It is because I am very much addicted to my phone, that my physical and emotional well being towards me and my family got affected. I slowed down and hid my phone for the entire day and took it only when I really needed it. It's hard and tempting in the beginning, but knowing and committing to your priorities made it possible to stop this mobile phone addiction.

I must admit that I still go on my phone but there is a limit now, and so glad that it teaches me self discipline and the value of time. I browse my phone when I need a
time out from playing with my children or break from house chores. It is still a few times in a day but the duration (5-10 minutes) is not very long as I used to do. I try to be productive like writing a post or posting stuff to sell online and answering queries.

Thank you @ecotrain for putting up this initiative. I am glad to share my learning experience with you at the QOTW.

Thank you for coming with me. Blessings!


Thank you for posting to this weeks question! I apologise if I haven't commented this week, i have just relocated off-grid and wasn't able to do online work. I'll be more attentive next week as i am now getting settled in ;-)

We had a lot of amazing responses which you can check out in our Tie Up Post. Come and see who else posted and what they said about addiction..

Hello there @eco-alex. No problem, I am happy and honored to share my insight and experience about addiction to this lovely community.

And Wow! Congratulations to your off grid living. Many people wants that kind of life, including me. I wish you all the best and I would like you to know that I am your fan and I support you.

I think that one of the most common addictions nowadays is the addiction to the mobile phone or even the tablet, I feel that even though I have decreased my time with the phone, I am still addicted to it, although in a way I work with it so it is a struggle of love and hate let's say, however, my mother since she learned to handle the tablet and knows the games and Facebook spends a lot of time there and forgets about the world! This is without a doubt a very difficult addiction to overcome, good that you have achieved it!

Thanks for posting great content to the @ecoTrain community! We support content about sustainable living and building to help make this world a better place

Thank you for your comment. Yes, its really addictive. But having a clear mindset and Setting your priorities and things that value your time is worth it.
Blessings @fmbs25.