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If you have followed my previous two vlogs, you will have a clear picture where do I go with this one... I suppose that it is just a natural way of my thoughts...

Firstly, I try to locate the problem... Secondly, objectively look at the wider picture, and after that, it is a time for searching for solutions...

And finally, we are getting into the possible solutions, and one of them is simply "over-vote" negativity with positive thoughts and positive movement...

For doing that, we need more creators on the platform with a positive attitude, with different ideas, different points of view... So, don't be scared to write/talk about problems that you have on the platform... What would you change and why...

It's important to hear your voice!


Music in video:
Growing Up by Scott Buckley
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Yes Sir

Thanks, Bradley! :)

Thanks for a great video Zoltan, and yeah it's much better to focus on the positive, if you want something to change then be the change you want to see, it was why I started thisisawesome.

As to the system I do think that Steem should just be a utility token running the blockchain and let the rewards be handled by tribes and SMT's, just as I have seen mentions about, though not definitive yet, let's see how the final proposal looks like.

There is a saying that comes to mind which goes something like this, a good system forces bad actors to work for the common good out of their own selfish reasons, that's what we need.

Stay awesome and keep up the good work.

if you want something to change then be the change you want to see, it was why I started thisisawesome.

Exactly, BE the change, PARTICIPATE in it!

And thank you for creating thisisawesome! It is a really great project and I hope that it will be successful in the future, as it is now.

Thank you very much I do hope it will be great, or awesome.

Hi 2ph1102 - I agree we need to hear peoples voices. One of the main issues I see is that there are many people on Steem and many people post , however it is tricky to get people to make comments on posts, they will upvote, no problems, but even when a question is asked in the post, not many add comments, I will work on trying to increase this level of engagement and always appreciate the regulars that do. :)

That is the truth... But, it was even worse BEFORE tribes... Newcomers were lonely and nobody was engaging... Now, with tribes, there are fewer people, and YOU can be seen easier... and even rewards are better (upvotes)... So, there are no excuses from that side :)

And even lessons inside the #CTP website are learning us to engage, comment, upvote... So, we are lucky with engagements that we have on CTPTalk as some of the people follow those easy, but important rules of branding themselves... ;)

Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it.