My Whale journey.

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I love to participate in dinamycs where can put on perspective the past experiences. Every creative procces starts on a certaing point (A) to go to another (B) to keep a register of it helps me to be concious of the present time, releasing past by printing it here.

on the following post i would be developing different points to take on count by the iniciative, they are:

1.- Who where you doing before joining to the whale community

2.- how did you hear about Whale and why did you decide it to join in

3.- how have been your journey so far

4.- some interesting anecdotes to share with us happened on whale?

5.- Joined on whale changes your hopes and dreams?

it is always a challenge to me to say "who i am" or "who i was" because i think that define is to limit, but also i know that make this excercise help us to see what we are doing right now, of course i believe we're all artist and creators of our own manifestation, but that may be a answer that it's not on the ground, right now my focus is art, production and publicity.

I am an artist having a creative process in blockchain where the value that I invest is my time applied to production and art that have a social impact and that benefits a great amount of people, until now I have gone through different experiences and there are many that until today I sustain as a bridge to be able to share information and to value the art of others, during three years in blockchain I have shared several times a similar content to this one where I put in perspective my work taken until now. here you can read more about my experiences as an artist on web3

until know i haved participated on many activities music related to blockchain, collaborating with proyects on Hive, Eos and ETH and produced many of them, my favorite one is the "432hz Concert+Curation" where we curate content of the listeners and we share music on 432hz, i have a research where 432hz is reivindicated as a tune connected to fibonacci, i love to see this space as not only and art curation space but an nice international bridge to share good vibes.

i also produced phisic spaces thanks to blockchain like this leyends of reggae concert. where we shared a music and cultural spaces on the mark of reggae.

this creative procces in some point of my life was deeply influenced by sacred medicines and right now i have a group effort with some friends called @adiwathrive where we highlight content trough different curation columns, having as cause to send funds to @fundaciondiyocoi and support the wotujja community at amazonas.

to be honest i dont know how do i joined to the whale discord server, i think i readed a tweet one day and i joined, back in the day whale haves no price but the whitepaper got me thinking and then by reading the why of whale i decided to be around, as my personal efforts are towards supporting art, i remember one day to ask whaleshark if this is a trinity coin (mind body and spirit) and he tolds me that for sure this is the place, im thriving to see this ecosystem growths towards organic and natural spaces.

So far my whale experience have been warming and a way to renew my mindset and my jukebox, on whale i meet Ezin and Rizzle, who by several weeks have been inviting me to his monday podcast where i receive whale tips and we managed to continously growth a budget to achieve one of the goals im managing to do with @auelitairene that is to make a bridge of information between blockchain and wotujja comunity at amazonas, now i have the minimal equipment to go there and to register our experience, where just waiting to flight to start over because land trips on the road could cost a lot due to gas, and im not talking about gas fees, im talking about gas for cars, but feels pretty like similar, we have to wait until gas fees goes lower, we received the information that flights are going to start soon and i would be for first time at amazonas! @auelitairene, @esparta and i are really excited to make this trip posible and to made a series of productions that could growth the synergy between us all.

Different atmospheres are created on the whale community and partner servers, i shared with them on my birthday that was recently and i even managed to won a recently meme contest, indeed was my first time doing a meme, other days i managed to have philosophy talks with a group of friends at the dolphin section, today we haved a beautiful talk about astrology and i realized that whaleshark and i have both our moon on Leo, trivia nights are a great dinamic and im getting better playing poker, i must say i never played poker before, but the different blocks of dinamics makes the environment something rich and diverse, recently @auelitairene made a post where we visualize some brainstorm about our next trip to amazonas.

I don't think that whale changed my hopes and dreams, i would say it came at the perfect timing to help me achieve what for a lifetime was being processed,communication and edducation trough art.

A new proyect its going to born thanks to whale are more musical spaces where we could share medicine music, i just need to learn more of my current camera phone to made some nice productions and to start producing nice music videos with my artist friends.

the last town hall that happended at whale discord server where waleshark talked to the community i expressed my disposition to create educational spaces for Kids trough the Whale-Kids initiative, Anissa, who runs the proyect was super open to hear my background and my ideas, i received a lot of feedback support, i feel a call to action on education seeking to open the information.

so, this next days are pre-production days for me, i feel plenitude due to my current present time, walking towards a creative and productive mindset, one of the things i would do is to use the 20% of every production to help the wotuja community, we've already doing this effort on both @adiwathrive and @fundaciondiyocoi accounts.

other proyect being baked is called MIP that it's the WIP with the W backwards, MIP means Music in progress, and altough i feel i have some time doing MIPS by far, now they're getting a name, the most beautiful thing is the idea that all of it could be fractalized, to work with passionated people is such a blessinga and im seeking to see the organical growth of all of this thanks to the soul as the infrastructure of what we share on the music we're going to spread and it's being already spread it.





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