love always gives beauty when we start loving someone

in #whalepower3 months ago

When eyes open and meet for the first time we meet a sense of palpitations in my heart what is it that is a sign of love smiles and laughter and weak and gentle words the tone of love voice and her beautiful hair like the light of daylight manners behavior and behavior thou art onewith in a thousand feelings of my love for you I want it always feels like wanting to meetget later love is hidden in my heart how bright the sun's face 'nan calm peace when I enter and get to know if one day not see my heart feels miss someone who feels heavy when I leave
its heavy taste when a day does not see my heart feels miss rice eaten fiber never forgets even though during sleep at night it becomes a dream everyday when I'm looking for love

About love longingmiss the moon no news no barita people say love is blind there is no knowing the shape and form of love is the vibration of taste is difficult to describe in words or even from where love comes eyes look at my heart tempted the scent of your face smiling your love smiles it is blind there is a sense but not it is palpable love me romance canta falls everywhere in the savannah in the middle of the ocean and fertile land or the mountain romance canta in the heart of the poor or the rich when someone is in love
closed view of a real in front of my eyes that is in many of the most powerful feeling sense mind mind helpless bright sky see a white cloud


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