Time is precious. Let us work together hand in hand, promote Steem to the vast majority in mainland China | 时间有价值,让我们一起发现优质内容,将Steem推向更多中国用户

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In the beginning | 缘起

It was full of hope and vision, I joined Steem. I started with 4 posts about my visit to Tibet, and I was rewarded with $100 worth of upvotes. From that moment, I was highly motivated and continue my writing. However, after more study and researched, then only I realized all of my dreams are broken. The reward system has very little to do with authored content. If I must relate quality content against reward, I did say they are totally not related. We should look into this matter seriously. In view of Steem as a rewarding content creator platform, we should focus on discovering quality content, reward the author and continuously bring in more new blood in expanding our blockchain horizon. Remember the word “Your voice is worth something” tag line on the steemit.com page? That is exactly what we wanted to do. Voice can be heard, but putting these word in to blockchain takes time. And we should be rewarding everyone who contribute to Steem even if it is takes less time to post. If we are talking about early adopters capitalized on Steem, trust me there are way better platform than Steem Blockchain. Hence I started to think there must be a way to overcome this capitalism which currently eating up the core value of rewarding author. There must be a sustainable, safe and effective way to turn all these disadvantage around.


Quality content suggestion AI | 内容智能推荐系统

As you can see from Ig/Facebook and many other social media, AI recommendation has been widely used to bring in tons of valuable information to fellow users. From one article to another, from one favorite author to another, I believe AI really bring in a lot of convenient and nourished the electronic information world. My team and I talked to a guy which is in AI technology, and he does agrees Steem needed this piece of equipment in order to bloom. Let us take a look at steem-ua, how they managed to collect user information, a proper and sounding calculation of the collecting statistics and give necessarily suggestion/feed back to user. Not only these messages will encourage the users, but it also brings the mean of helping user to grow by know where can they do better. We understand AI is not perfect, in the end machine is a machine. They have no life and soul, but what we committed to you, is to try to atleast bring in some good stuff to the community, to benefit the Chinese community. In order to do this, we bring you WhereIN, and WhereIN is here to stay. We will bring Steem to the vast majority of people in Mainland China. We know it is not going to be easy, but this is the path we choose and we are committed to work it out.


W橙计划 | W Orange Plan

Before we will be able to bring up the artificial intelligent, we need some time to gather enough information for the AI to have enough case study, in order to function properly. We would like to introduce you W Orange plan. W orang is a WhereIN test lab, and werein-bit will be upvoting quality content. Those who are in the WhereIN community can help us to discover quality post. If you find a post worth an upvote, feel free to leave a comment on the post you wish us to curate by mentioning @wherein-bit, and we will be on your six. In order to benefit to the community, we work hard, together as one big family. If you have not join us, do make yourself available, we will be delighted to onboard you as one of us. W Orange plan is good, and if you wish to reward others as well, feel free to delegate to wherein-bit.

智能推荐系统上线需要很长的时间,在此之前,我们需要社区帮助发现优质内容,由此推出W(微)橙计划。W橙计划是WhereIN支持创作者的一个实验性的计划,wherein-bit会对社区内优质帖子进行点赞支持,社区内个体亦可向W橙计划推荐优质帖子,只需在推荐帖子评论区回复中带上 @wherein-bit就好。为了共建社区环境,我们在努力,希望您也加入进来。如果您觉得“W橙计划”很棒,也想支持社区内优质创作者,请代理给wherein-bit。

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just found this project would love someobody to join my discord and speak with me a bit to explain some things

That's cool, @wherein!

Keep us updated on the evolution of the AI project: it's really interesting!

!giphy Cheers and !BEER

So you wanna create artificial Intelligence,
that recognizes quality content??

Yes, but this will be difficult, and it will take time

Algorithms will always find their limit fast,
we are a unit of mind,body and soul.
Or let's say, we have the potential to reach
much higher... than any machine.
The old China used to be so strong with
ancient knowledge...
What happened to that?
The technology Trap?


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没有 还是老样子 ...而且这个 Partiko我还装不上



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