Wildlife : Chipmunk-4 🐿️

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The Siberian chipmunk or common chipmunk (Eutamias sibiricus)

In Russian-speaking countries, the name of this funny animal means "Head of the household" or "housekeeper". It’s all because of their behavior, namely that they always make food supplies. They store a huge amount of plant food, including: plant seeds, grains, cereals, dried berries, fruits and mushrooms. And he does it carefully, on a special soft bed of grass, without mixing it all together. That is, a separate bunch of berries, a separate bunch of grain.


And in the middle of winter, they sometimes wake up to eat, and "go to the toilet", for which there is a separate room in the hole.




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Запасливые эти бурундуки. Главное хорошо оборудуют свои домики.