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RE: My witness server is just itching to go live... Running for witness

in #witness-categorylast year

Hey man! Little out of it right now and just keeping my votes on community witnesses, once it all blows over I'd be happy to vote for you (especially if you'll return the favor once I get my server set up :P). Gonna check out your tools, I saw the STOP token's price on se but I'm a proxy for a few ppl still (I think) and wasn't sure how that'd affect it. Cheers!


Fair enough, pretty much doing the same. I won't explicitly offer "vote for vote", but before this whole ordeal I voted for a lot of smaller witnesses. If I think you provide value to the chain, I'd be happy to. Thanks for checking out my tools, just managed to automate Stop Token. If you proxy whilst having people proxy to you, it makes everyone who proxies to you proxy to me, but if you were to unproxy @stop.token, they'd go back to copying your votes.

~ @CADawg