Ex-lover from hell

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Knock !!! Knock !!! on my door, "who is it" I shouted and I heard a deep voice answer from the other side saying "it's me, open up". Not a voice I recognise but I opened to see my ex boyfriend Alex with a couple of uniform officers. With a bit of confusion I asked how I may be of help but was told I was under arrest for money laundering. With a dazed look on my face, I watched as my hands were cuffed,taken to the police car and driven to the station.

My heart was beating fast and not a word would come out of my lips, all I kept thinking about was what have I done. Sitting beside me was Alex with his stupid lopsided grin and a hand creeping towards my laps he said "I know you are confused, things will get clearer once we reach". Reach where, clear how, all this and more are what was resounding in my heart. I am done for after all this years with this idiot, I still end up where I tried avoiding at all cost, the prison.

I am going to see Alex today, it has been a while he came home to the town of clearwater. Today he is coming back and we are finally going to be together again. Alex has been the love of my life since high school, even though everyone says he is not good for me I still love him. He is nothing but trouble but he is my trouble.
Sound of my phone ringing disturbed my peaceful musing, as I answered the call, I heard his voice sounding like a steady flow of water in my throat after a long thirst."Hey babe I'm back and on my way to you".

3 Days Later
Alex gave me some money some days back to help him give Mr Fisher, I have been doing this for him for awhile now, and when I asked he says he is helping Mr Fisher do some business in the big city where he lives. Mr Fisher is one funny looking man with a big scar covering the left side of his face. He lives in clearwater and keeps to himself, lots of rumor flying around with no corroboration is that he is a wanted man, some says he is a kidnapper, some says he's a thief. I say nothing to the man but drop the money off like Alex requested from time to time whenever he is around. "Why don't you like taking it to him yourself" I asked him on one of my delivery days, "he mumbled some incoherent words that answers nothing". "This will be the last time Alex, I am scared of looking at that man or meeting with him". "I promise he replied".
End of Flashback

Present Day
Alex broke up with me few months after, when I became stubborn and decided not to help deliver his money. Looking back at it, the main reason he was with me was my errand girl job and the concrete reason why I am in this prisontuation today. I am an accomplice in the case of money laundering and was mentioned by Alex. My first court appearance is in 2 days time and already I am close to giving up. No one has ever recounted how beautiful the prison is?. I am going to miss the peace and quietness that comes with the outside world the real world. I am in deep shit I cried!!!!

Until next time.........To be continued

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